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Narrative Animation

Hannah Brewerton

Hannah Brewerton is an artist and filmmaker based in Newham, East London. A recent graduate of the RCA, Hannah has spent the past two years exploring creative processes related to narrative, documentary and experimental animation.

She has made two films to date: Bittersweet (2019) - an animated documentary based on the role that local industry has played in the lives of two women from the area around the Tate & Lyle sugar refinery in Silvertown, London; And Hit and Run (2020) - a narrative film that examines the farcical spectacle that is modern British politics.

In 2018, Hannah moved from a background in theatre and teaching to pursue a career in filmmaking. She was initially drawn to animation after her experience combining narrative storytelling and sound design with forms of shadow puppetry and installation during her undergraduate degree. While living for several years in Northern Italy she began experimenting with stop motion animation, taking a short course with Michelangelo Fornaro, before returning to London and independently building a portfolio of largely 2D hand-drawn animation.

Hannah has industry experience working for London-based studios and has worked across forms of 2D hand-drawn, digital, stop motion and experimental animation.





Degree Details

School of Communication

Narrative Animation

Hannah’s artistic practice sits within the field of creative non-fiction, finding creative means to engage with current issues in an honest and critical way. She is interested in why artists produce work, and where that work sits or how it performs within its cultural and historical context. She tends to use mixed media in filmmaking and employs a variety of approaches to image building as evidenced by the diversity of styles within her work. She is excited by the differing potentialities of both computer-based digital animation and films where the maker’s hand is more visible.

Her moving image portfolio engages with themes such as deindustrialisation, local landscapes, culture wars, loss, identity, the cult of the individual, humour, the absurd, and questions of agency. She draws inspiration from playwrights such as Dario Fo and Harold Pinter, as well as from social policy surrounding issues of inequality.

Her research so far has been concerned with: the shared histories of animation and print-based cartoon satire, carnival and the grotesque; post-digital cultures within political movements/activist groups; and how forms of animation can be used as a tool for demystifying publicly funded data.

Hit and Run
Hit and Run (2020)

Things get surreal when the Brits play baseball.

A satirical film about modern British politics and tactics of distraction. The film combines digital 2D animation with hand drawn, collage and experimental animation forms.


Animated short film - 2D digital, hand-drawn, collage.



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The game players — Film Still

The Spectators — Film Still

The Albatross — Film Still

The collision of the realms — Film Still

Hit and Run takes place in three realms. The stadium is home to both the realm of the game and that of the spectators. Away from the players' arena, where no one is looking, lies the realm of the Albatross. But playing the game has far-reaching consequences and the three worlds collide with the full force of nature.

Animating four frames on an open sketchbook using collage and pencil. — Sketchbook pages

Test using rubbing out animation technique on one piece of paper.

Test using rubbing out animation technique on one piece of paper. — gif

Test using collage

Test using collage — gif

Animating directly in my sketchbook with ink — Photograph

Development images using experimental animation techniques.
Hit and Run combines traditional 2D animation with experimental techniques such as collage and rubbing out pencil, animating directly under the camera. This experimental way of animating has a meditative impact on myself as the maker. I am interested to understand how it is received by the viewer and how it interacts with the genre of animated satire.


Digital Photos
Showreel 2020
Showreel of work 2020

Music track: 'War' by Hypnotic Brass Ensemble.
With permission from Honest Jon's Label


Animated Video

One — Ident


Two — Ident


Three — Ident


Four — Ident


Five — Ident


Six — Ident

A series of idents for a show on Rhythm and Frames radio


Looping Videos

In Collaboration with:

A collective of artists and animators running independent radio and animation screenings, established by RCA animation students in 2019.

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