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Mixed Media

Hannah Elisabeth Jones

Lliw Lleol: Valuing Colour from Locally Foraged Plants Throughout the Year

‘Lliw Lleol’ (Local Colour) is a comprehensive natural dye database, investigating colours obtained from locally foraged common plants and weeds. The database tracks the seasonal changes throughout each month and maps the connection to specific geographies in Hannah’s home of North Wales. 

Since September 2019, Hannah Elisabeth Jones has documented mordant-free colour from 54 plants and she will continue foraging each month until August, to collect a year’s worth of research. Hannah uses unbleached, organic materials and carefully forages a small quantity of plants that are abundant in the local area, to conserve and protect each species.

The consumer society rarely considers the origins of colour in materials. Therefore the purpose of this research is to heighten awareness of how colours and fibres are either grown naturally or chemically synthesised. Ultimately, 'Lliw Lleol’ encourages acceptance and emotional durability of mordant-free, naturally dyed materials and promotes conscious consumption, or better still, less consumption of materials altogether.




Degree Details

School of Design

Mixed Media

Hannah Elisabeth Jones is a multidisciplinary artist-designer specialising in biomaterials and organic colour.

Jones has an innovative approach to textiles, blending an interest in natural materials with an ethical commitment to developing an ecologically sensitive practice and a strong visual aesthetic.

Her work process is underpinned by an engagement with research across the arts, humanities and sciences.


Burberry Design Scholarship (2018-2020)

The 2020 Robin and Lucienne Day Foundation Prize

The Textile Society Student Award 2019

The Leathersellers' Company Student Award 2018

The Educational Charity of John Mathews Student Award 2018

Colour in Design Award: One to Watch 2017

Material Lab Loves Award 2017

Bruntwood Anti-Copying in Design Award 2017

Lliw Lleol by Hannah Elisabeth Jones

Foraging locations

Six plants per month, ten materials per plant

Plants from May 2020

Sloes berries

Colours from March (upper row) and April (lower row)


Fibreboards and vessels created using left-over plant matter from dyeing

BiodegradableBiomaterialCircular DesignCMFColourLocalMaterialsMixed MediaNatural DyesPreserveSustainabilityTextiles

The Burberry Foundation

Robin and Lucienne Day Foundation

The Textile Society

The Leathersellers’ Company

The Educational Charity of John Mathews

24 July 2020
14:30 (GMT + 0)

Textiles: In Conversation

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