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Mixed Media

Hsin-chun Liu (Sidney)

How can the sensory experience of bamboo be utilized for mental well-being in the future living environment?

Bamboo Future aims to bring human and material relations into closer alignment in the future. By studying materials that have a desirable connection in modern people’s lifestyles and natural environments. The aim was to create a subtle atmosphere that arouses serenity from the use of textures and samples. It also looks to present and demonstrate new ways of what the material can perform naturally.

Bamboo Future looks to invoke an experience that would challenge the predetermined expectations of its standardisation. “Assembly” and “Repetition” are two key elements that present this project and the functions within it, this redefines the relationship between material future and manufacture.


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Mixed Media

Sidney is a designer who was inspired by natural environment triggers within sensory experiences. Her background is grounded in product design, but her interests focus on how functions work best between material and user. Her research into different materials for special environments creates various atmospheres that deepen a natural sense of experience and intimacy within reconnecting multicultural sustainable materials.


‘Glass in a Connected World’ NSG HACKATHON First Prize 2019

More information please take this link to the website:

HSIN CHUN LIU 242166 R1 04

HSIN CHUN LIU 242166 R1 05

HSIN CHUN LIU 242166 R1 06

HSIN CHUN LIU 242166 R1 07

HSIN CHUN LIU 242166 R1 09 — #CNC #Handcraft #Lasercutting #Engraving

Sidney_Liu_ BambooFuture 1
Sidney_Liu_ BambooFuture 2
# Atmosphere# Bamboo# Craft# Embroidery# Living materials# Material Future# Material Language# MaterialSystem# Natural Materials# Sculpture# Sustainability# Tactility
21 July 2020
14:30 (GMT + 0)

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23 July 2020
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