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5. Interior Matter

Huiyi Wu

Previous Degrees:

BA Environmental Design, Sichuan University, 2017


BA Interior and Spatial Design, Chelsea University of Art London, 2016-2017

B.L.U.E Architecture Studio, Intern, 2017-2018


Tate Morden Exchange — Tea House Design, 2017

Degree Show,  Sichuan University, 2017

Work-in-Progress Show, Royal College of Art, 2018

Kortrijk Creativity Week — Democratic Seat, 2019


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School of Architecture

5. Interior Matter

I have officially engaged with the environmental and spatial design for almost 7 years. In the past 6 years, my works through critical narrative and abstract, encrypted, and metaphorical concepts attempted to explore real social issues behind the beautiful facade manufactured mainstream urban leaders, which were often ignored by the public.

2020, with an open and humble attitude, my works try to give the narrative possibility of interaction between spatial material and participant behavior,establishing an intimate and equal dialogue between space, human and animals. 2020 has been surreal, everyone is studying the pandemic situation and climate change. It is estimated that it is not my turn to save the world. I hope not to overlook the simple and beautiful side of the world. Keep observing and enjoying life. 




WU Huiyi 11

WU Huiyi 11

dog view 1


How can you make new friends when living in a big city? This project developed as a playful response to the growing problem of urban loneliness.

One long understood way of reducing the sense of loneliness is to get a pet. Further through research, it was observed that the routines of dog-walkers create an informal community. The daily meetings combined with dogs’ lack of inhibitions encourages people to interact.

Pawfé is a model for an urban café for dogs and their owners. It is an attempt to harness the sense of community and casual friendships found amongst dog-owners. It is a place for those who can’t access a park or those who would rather sit down with a flat-white than walk around a flat-green.

Pawfé is a place where dogs can run free while their owners relax with a coffee and enjoy light conversation with their fellows. This is represented through visually splitting the café along the horizontal. The top-level smooth and refined, tailored for the tastes of people. The lower level rough, rugged, and natural - perfect for our four-legged friends.

Rather than creating a dog-proof space - hard, shiny, and wipeable - Pawfé embraces the destructive nature of dogs. The finishes are designed to deteriorate in a beautiful manner. The appearance of the space is enhanced through dogs’ rough and tumble play, chewing, and scratching. Designed following circular economy principals, the wall panels and furniture can be recycled or renewed as required.

Colorful terrazzo flooring and polished white marble worktops offer balance to Pawfé’s rough and raw qualities, providing a splash of luxury to allow young urban dog owners to make new friends in style.


clay plaster, wool felt, bark, recycled leather, Image, gif


animalsbrandingcommunitydeteriorationdogdrawingInteriorMaterialModularnaturalPublic Spacesustainability

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