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Experimental Animation

Hwanyi Kim

Hwanyi Kim is an artist who works in 2D animation and painting. 

She has dived into animation world since 2014, when she was studying painting in a BA. 

Studying at Royal College of Art, she attempted to develop her artistic practice in various contexts through research. 




Degree Details

School of Communication

Experimental Animation

I am interested in the importance of social issues based on concerns of the individuals. Personally, I had difficulties in my relationships with others since I was child and have suffered from the social anxiety for a long time.

While trying to overcome it by myself, I have communicated with people who have similar experiences of mine.

I realised that my painful experiences should handle at community level because no one can cope with it alone. 

Based on the experiences and thought above, I have focused on changing the perspective about social anxiety of the individuals and encourage to cope with it at community level. 

I have made Animation films which illustrate the stories of the underprivileged and the people who are socially isolated and shed new light on what happens in their life which is unheard. I hope that my films could be bridge between people in society who do not connect with and understand each other.

I especially use dry materials on paper in my monochrome film because charcoal is optimised for depicting the stories of the invisible and it is good for line drawing which visually presents the continuity of life and the concern at the same time. Every single scenes of the film are drawn in the way and my film is composed of the scenes which describe memories of struggling, despair and loneliness of the people who are socially isolated. 

Eyes — password: 0126
This film is about a person who has social anxiety. She suffers from mental disorder called “Scopophobia” and its main symptom is being afraid of making eye contact with others.

She is trying to overcome fear from her mind recalling traumatic experiences in the past and figuring out the trigger point from it.

Her symptom is unusual but the events that cause her to feel fear could happen all the time for everyone in their daily life.
The film focuses on the individuals who has difficulties with relationships and the strong connection between the individuals and society which causes the issue.


2D animated film


1920*1080 / 4:30 (Full film)

In Collaboration with:

Sound Design
2D animationcharcoalMemoryNarrativePhobiaSocial AnxietyTherapyTrauma

Tea time

Facing each other

A pedestrian crossing


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