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Soft Systems

Jinmei Wang

How can air be transformed into a new material for design?


‘You don’t think about air or even perceive it unless it has changed from its usual state.’

- Axel Thallemer, (AIR | LUFT | arnoldsche Art Publishers)In Greek mythology, air is the breath of the creator. 

In atomic chemistry, air is the mixture of gases that make up the earth's atmosphere. From the perspective of artistic design, humans use air as a medium. 

Air is generally natural, flowing, light and zero waste but it is unstable, impermanent and intangible. Air is not only used for visual expression, but also used as one of the seven building materials by architectural artists after stone, wood, metal, ceramics, glass and film. Artists and designers explore the potential of air as a medium by incorporating common materials and techniques. Yet of all classical elements, air is the least explored.

Within my practice, I develop small-scale sculptures to create new tactile and visual experiences. Experimenting with inflatable soft structures, dynamic layering and sensorial properties.



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Soft Systems

Jinmei Wang is an interdisciplinary designer trained in textiles design. She explores how to apply Design-led Soft Robotics and Materiality to a Colour, Materials + Finish (CMF) context. Her work focuses on developing novel user-experiences through tactile, multi-layered, inflatable soft systems. She has collaborated with multidisciplinary teams on Future Mobility projects (British Airways) and exhibited with Priestman Goode Studio.

Collection of Small-scale sculptures

Classification of Air Properties

Color Test with Acrylic

Small-scale dynamic sculptures using acrylic and silicone

Small-scale dynamic sculptures using acrylic and silicone

Small-scale dynamic sculptures using wood and silicone

Small-scale sculptures using MDF and silicone
Collection of Small-scale sculptures and their making process
Small-scale sculpture made with Cinema 4D
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