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Soft Systems

Jinqiu Li

Can VR turned it into an earnestly enjoyable experience for both the watched and the watchers?


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Soft Systems

Jinqiu Li is a textile designer who focus on the traditional textile in the search for innovation and change, through the integration with technology, to break through the inherent boundaries of the textile profession, redefining the textile art of a new direction. Li's practice and work also prove this, and in September he will collaborate with fashion brands to create a new visual experience through the combination of VR technology and textiles.

VR space white

VRspace painting

working process

experiment sample





jinqiu li VRspace 1
jinqiu li VR space2
"Zen realm" presents the connection between textile and technology in a new way for textile, and Li shows the textile design process by painting and modeling in virtual reality devices, including a display of design process which allows VR-experienced audiences to watch sketchbook and color pallette, learns the design implications of various paintings and modeling sits inside the vast space. Li's works rise to explore the impact of spiritual force and Japanese aesthetic on spatial construction, and how to use reasonable spatial layout textile works to demonstrate a perfect interpretation of the so-called “Zen feeling” for human beings which is they cannot see.


16 July 2020
14:30 (GMT + 0)

Textiles: Before and After

A panel discussion with Textile alumni and Textile graduates.
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