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Global Innovation Design (MA)

Juncheng Wen

I studied accounting in undergraduate, and then worked as Global Supply Manager at Apple. Before GID, I began my design journey studying a one year course at Umeå Institute of Design.



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Global Innovation Design (MA)

Reflection is my keyword for 2020, connecting one journey to the next journey. I ask myself these questions; Do you remember in the beginning, why you switched from business to design? Do you still keep the driving force? Do you get lost or change your goals?

RYO, fertiliser innovation for agriculture in the UK

Systematic problems of chemical fertilisers

UK agriculture in wet weather

- -

Tackling the problem of nutrient loss in agriculture, RYO is a new type of fertilizer designed to fit the wet weather in the UK.

RYO mainly focuses on winter wheat and oilseed, the most critical crops in the UK, accounting for 60% of the croppable area, while incurring the highest amount of nitrogen use per hectare (30% higher than average). As winter and spring become wetter due to climate change, winter wheat and oilseed will struggle with further nutrient loss, as the first nitrogen application happens in the early spring.

RYO tackles nutrient loss in different stages. In production, it removes nitrogen and phosphorus in wastewater. In application, it slow-releases the nutrients, increasing the uptake efficiency of crops. Especially, it’s resilient to heavy rainfall, reducing the nutrients being washed out.

*As the project is in the critical stage of development, the details of the product cannot be shared. If you are interested in cooperation, please contact me. Thank you!
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