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Junghee Yoon

How can we doodle in our daily life? 

 Junghee’s work explores doodling, which everyone does, and how this can lead to knitted work using her concept of humour and play in everyday life, focusing on undervalued details.  

Her works which was influenced by this current pandemic situation can be a sculptural and artistic piece, as well as functional accessories for the daily life. During her self-isolation, she have recorded her daily doodling through crochet rather than pen to overcome anxiety and stress.This work aims to encourage people to realize the overlooked value in their daily lives through sharing and playing her work in their own way. 




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Junghee Yoon is a craft artist and a knit designer through the use of humour and playful wit. She explores how everyday and common things could inspire special and artistic works and how her work can get people involved in art and design in their daily lives. 

Through her individual design process she produces inventive, and playful work that sits across that categories of craft and design. 

Installation view and closeup — Crochet/ cotton yarn, leather, wire/ 150 x 180 cm

Installation view and closeup — Crochet/ cotton yarn, leather, wire/ 150 x 180 cm

Work in process — Sketchbook pages, laser cut

Doodling during self-isolation — Crochet doodling for 30 days

Play with doodling _1 — Wearable body piece

Play with doodling _ 2 — How can we doodle on our body?

Crochet doodling details

Crochet doodling details

Timeless Doodling — Play with knitted doodling

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