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KOOOOOOOOO is a visual artist and animator working in the field of social surrealism. He uses 3D animation, painting, and installation to create ironic and subversive narratives that use metaphors to comment on class mobility. 

Recent exhibitions include:  

Mobile, Mali Museum, Shanghai (2019), RCA WIP Show, Royal College of Art, London (2019), Fugitive voices, Safe House, London(2019), Read Backword, 508 Gallery, London (2019), Reboot, SHNU, Shanghai (2017), Bishan & Xucun, Yuandian Museum,Beijing (2014)    

Recipient of The Chris Garnham Prize


Degree Details

School of Communication


Hanppy Farm I — Hanppy Farm I—KOOOOOOOOO Duration: 03:13 Once a year, the best performing animal is selected for reincarnation. Buddha said, "Jump into the sea, the next life you can become a human."

LV Leather Bag Company

Piggy Run of Crocodile Factory

Strong-No Dairy

This work is episode one of the “Hanppy Farm” story. In this Farm, once a year, one best performing animal will be selected for reincarnation. This animal needs to jump into the sea in front of the Buddha and then in the next life it will become a human. The protagonist of this story is a little pig named Poo. He knows that he is at the bottom of the social ladder, being slaughtered by his crocodile boss is his fate and he has no chance to be selected for reincarnation. So, one night under surveillance, he escapes and goes for reincarnation by himself, an act which is strictly prohibited by the Farm. He runs fast under the searchlight. Finally, he jumps into the sea but the story has just begun.

Class mobility is the major theme of this work. In this centralized Farm, the peacock, rhino, and crocodile represent beauty, wealth, and power. They monopolize the right of reincarnation which is a symbol of a better future. The other animals like pigs, donkeys, and cows can only be exploited and have no chance to change their own lives. However, the little pig breaks the balance of the system. He is very brave, a person who does not succumb to authority and dares to change his destiny. There is a lot of hidden information in this work that audiences need to explore.


Digital, 3demention


3mins 13s
Hanppy Farm II — Hanppy Farm II—KOOOOOOOOO Duration: 07:06 Piggy jumped into the sea and began his reincarnation adventure!

Balance Insufficient!!!

Old Friends

Reincarnation Vending Machine

This work is episode two of the “Hanppy Farm” story. The plot of this work is the reincarnation adventure of the little pig. After he jumps into the sea he turns into a cube and arrives in the Corona Casino and through a long reincarnation advertising tunnel he becomes a dice with a machine body. Then, he joins in a gambling game with his old bosses, the crocodile, the peacock, and the rhino and somehow luckily wins all the money. He wants to reincarnate as a 404 in the next life, but just when he is paying he is recognized by a facial recognition camera and explodes. In the end, he is eliminated and clean up – like the virus.

In this work, what I want to satirize is 404. Also, I want to criticize 404. Finally, the most important thing is 404. Also, there is a lot of hidden information in this work that audiences need to explore.


Digital, 3demention


7min 6s
Run Piggy Run — Piggy Run Crocodile Factory—KOOOOOOOOO Duration: 00:12
In the Hanppy Farm, factory of the crocodile boss, a piggy race is being held


Digital, 3demention



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