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Moving Image Design

Lea Mesplede

Coming from an art and craft and a graphic design background, I developed an extended practice in terms of manual and digital skills. During my master's at the Royal College of Art, I carried on my design research by combining all these abilities in a moving image art form in order to create an authentic outcome. My projects are centered in a speculative design inquire, and beyond that, they belong to the science-fiction area as it transforms designers into story builders. 



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Moving Image Design

My moving image work is at the intersection of art, technology, and design. I form innovative narrations within alternative realities to examine humans as a sensitive and reflective organism at the core of not only our contemporary culture but also of the 21st-century issues. My work aim is for people to reflect on our human condition and our modern civilization.


Launch Project

It's breathing — Take part in the story of Jean and Gisèle where, in their reality, the Anthropocene is collapsing. Click on the icons to find clues and secrets of their lives.

It’s breathing is an interactive video series at the intersection of art, technology, and design. It forms a speculative narrative to examine humans and especially family as a sensitive organism at the core of 21st-century issues.
We are living in a time where we have to rethink our future in the context of an unsettled present.
It’s breathing is a remote video series experience. It is an epistolary movie where the evolution of a breakable time is seen through the lens of the communication of two twins.
I decided to develop human relationships at the paroxysm and provide an entire movie through the lens of a video conversation. I pushed the boundaries of narration. In this series, you could interact with the life of the characters by seeing and using their platforms, websites, online games, filters. You are at the core of the narration.
I inquire about the future of the family. We are living in a society where the notion of family is more than ever questioned and more specifically the human being family, our species. As filmmaking is about building and telling the story of our community, I wanted to propose an interactive series as a testimony of my generation's experience. I want to give people an answer to possibilities for the future. I am not seeking at changing minds. Although I feel as an artist my contribution is about opening visions. I want people to be aware of a potential future by using the information on our present.
In this story, after a global pandemic, the birth rate is declining in Europe. Siblings Jean and Gisèle are the witnesses of the Anthropocene’s decline. They live in an alternative reality where scientists and the government have joined their forces to build a better (and controlled) future. Together, they have created customizable embryos. After sending samples of their DNA, people can order a fetus on the internet and grow their child artificially by putting it in a microwave. Gisèle tries to fight against this future while Jean is more fatalistic.





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