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Painting (MA)

Leon Pozniakow

Lives and works in London.

Selected Group Shows:
Final, not over (Open Fields), Unit 1 Gallery, London, 2020
The Potion Room, Subsidiary Projects, London, 2020
Unorthodox Handshake, The Function Suite, London, 2020
Tall Tales of Transparent Things, Nowcuration, Fitzrovia Gallery, London, 2019
Painting From The Otherside, Dyson Gallery, London, 2019



Degree Details

School of Arts & Humanities

Painting (MA)

Today my bedroom calls back to the closet, to a time of nonparticipation.
At nineteen in my room smoking cigarettes and dancing in the
mirror I practised my appeal.

A bird of paradise come budgerigar cooing into the scrutiny of
my reflection, confining to private reservoirs the swelling tide of
my homosexual desire.

A heteronormative society was then (as is now) the stage. My
best performance–a secret tryst–acted out night after night in
the reflective glass.

In these 100 days locked away, my teenage dance moves echo
on. The performance of my making spirited with the same eternal
investment: To desire, to be desired. To love and to be loved.

“Love is stronger than death,” said Orpheus to Hades,
“Nothing is stronger than death, little musician”.

As I wove the fabric of Promise I felt the charge in every ring,
hand-fashioned, wound, coiled and cut, opened and closed;
mechanically, not a motion wasted as I lay propped in my bed like
a convalescent.

It is not a labour of love but a declaration. A poem in thirty-thousand
rings butted into a sheet tracking the myriad commitments,
gestures and acknowledgements that link us together,
promising our tomorrows to one another, protecting the
simple fruit and its seeds which are the future.

The fragility of now asks for permanence, for strength, for stability.
Yet, everything does come to an end, death won’t be escaped -
but we can build things as we journey towards it.
Permanence is the illusion, in love as in life.
It is the love we feel, that is worth remembering, worth looking a
fool for.

Love - the prince of intangibility! The surest and most abundant
material we have.

As I lie awake in this room I think about the objects I’ve made
here. I think about their weight, the craft of their making and
the intention behind that craft. It’s a matter of spirit, a matter of
investment–in the act to materialise solidity out of vapour. the
object never IS. the object is the container, the vestibule, a
of code.

Untitled Photograph (Promise) — Digital Image. 3557x5025 pixels. 2020

Promise (detail) — 30000 aluminium rings, Jesmonite, Brass, Enamel Paint. Dimensions Variable. 2020

Untitled Photograph (Bethnal green, 2014) — Digital Image. 5472x3648 pixels. 2020

Bethnal Green, 2014 — Glass, 24ct Gold, Jesmonite, Enamel Paint. 30x22x3cm. 2020

Untitled Photograph (Eternity) — Digital Image. 5472x3648 pixels. 2020

Eternity — Brass, 24ct Gold Leaf, Glass, Enamel Paint. 16x28x2cm. 2020

Untitled Photograph (Song) — Digital Image. 5472x3648 pixels. 2020

Song — Glass, Enamel, Palladium leaf, Jesmonite, Rose Madder. 18x27xcm. 2020

Untitled Photograph (Underwear) — Digital Image. 3557x5025 pixels. 2020

Underwear — Brass. Dimensions variable. 2020


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