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Design For Manufacture

Lilin Jiao

Lilin Jiao is a Chinese designer with over 5-year industry design background. She focused on exploring special materials, phenomenon in natural world and recreate it using design language. Through bio-inspired design strategy, she hopes to solve the design problems in a more natural and smart ways.


Bachelor: Hefei University of Technology

Master:Royal College of Art

Award & Exhibition:

Core77 Design Award Runner-up 

'A' Design Award Winner

 INDUSTART Design Award 

IDA Design Award winner


Degree Details

School of Design

Design For Manufacture

Lilin Jiao is an industry designer and the project is a cooperation project with oppo, which focused on humanized technology.

Imagine a world where the batteries on your devices quietly charge all on their own. In unsettling future, charging may not be a thing that people do for their products. Intelligent products can look after themselves. From wired charging to wireless charging and now over- the-air wireless charging technology emerges. Mobile phone can get energy from a distance. ‘This technology has the potential to be as ubiquitous as Wi-Fi.’ Said by Steve Rizzone, Energous CEO. Based on air charging technology and using home as a scenario, mobile phone gathers energy from every products at home(heat, solar power, kinetic power...) for their survival rather than people charge them intentionally. In the field like this, mobile phone will never run out of power.


3D-Printed Plastic Electronic component


L13*W8*H5 CM

Last-mile delivery, especially of parcels, is getting a great deal of attention in the media and from investors and the cost of last mile delivery cost 70 percent of the whole process.Many company are designing autonomous vehicles such as drones to carry the parcels without human intervention, while many customer do not want to pay for add extra cost for delivery so the robots need to be simple and user-friendly. ANTT is the new community robot which cooperates with each other to move the parcels. It is inspired by how the ants cooperate to move the food and it could be an intelligent way to solve the last mile delivery:the structure of each robot is very simple ,only one leading robot is intelligent and others moves follow the information from leading one. The numbers of the robots is adaptive and is according to the size and weight of the parcels.


rhino, arduino


21 July 2020
15:00 (GMT + 0)

When The Place Shuts Down: RCA X OPPO

In conversation on the theme 'Humanising Technology'
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