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Service Design (MA)


I'm Lynn. A designer with sociology background and is passionate about social innovation. My background provides me with ability to do contextual and empathic research to design process. For me, service design is a humble profession, in order to create positive social impact, the key is to be curious and open-minded to any possibility and feedback and try to look for a balance between technological opportunity, human need, and business relevance in the iterative and collaborative process.  


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Service Design (MA)

2020 is definitely a critical time when lots of human activities are limited and the way we used to live are disrupted. However, the lockdown also came up with some of the positive consequence for example I was able to participate more online events witness
more intellectual exchange happed without traveling. 

In addition, I’m very grateful for the people who had helped me with my project during this challenging time. It really manifested the values of the collaboration.   




Changes to the size and shape of women’s bodies during their pregnancy and after they gave birth can be trending topics. Yet, there is little discussion about the pressure and impact to women’s wellbeing resulted from those body changes. Moreover, it's common that mums often compromised their self-care, leading to unhealthy behaviours. They could suffer from fatigue, burnout and create negative feeling and thoughts of themselves, reinforce loneliness and stress.

In respond, Body& Kind seeks to engage and empower mothers to better take care of themselves in their postnatal period.

The service provides information about the reality of your postnatal body condition in different stages and offers knowledge and tools to manage your wellbeing.

In addition, the service includes online communities where mothers can build their own self-care tribe to share their experiences and find motivation to engage with their self-care practice.

The aim of the service is to help women bounce forward instead of bounce back.

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