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Lisa Naunheimer

What makes a piece of clothing become a cherished treasure?

This is a collection about the love for clothes. It tells the stories of the relationships a group of special women I grew up with have with their favourite pieces – pieces that they kept and cherished over years. The collection aspires to remind us of how our relationship with our clothes could or should be. Each item embodies a different set of values, a different kind of relationship that makes it so precious to their owner. I work with handcraftsmanship, natural dyes, waste and leftover materials. I’m creating soft, delicate almost fragile textiles that require to be looked after and taken care of, using deliberately slow labour-intensive couture-like techniques to underline and demonstrate their value and beauty for everyone to see and appreciate. 



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Lisa grew up in Germany in a household where recycling, being resourceful and inventive was hugely important. Passed on from grandmother to mother to daughter, this mindset and the appreciation of craft and materials has played an integral part in her work. Lisa has a background in fashion design, experience in styling and illustration. 


Nominated for the Next Generation Premier Vision Design Awards 2020

Nina de Yorke Fashion Illustration Scholarship, Central Saint Martins,

Prix Stylisme Homme, ESMOD


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Image A: Patchwork suit made from old tights and painted by hand; a woman’s notes on her favourite piece of clothing. Image B: Crocheted dress with hand-made floral appliqué. Image C: Hand-knitted jumper made from naturally dyed deadstock mohair wool; a woman’s notes on her favourite piece of clothing. Image D: Naturally dyed deadstock 1980s tulle with vintage 1920s lame cloth appliqué, embroidered by hand. Image E: From left to right – Hand-painted and embroidered shoes made from collected deadstock materials, non-fur hat with button brooch made from un-dyed natural sheep wool, pearl necklace made out of paper pearls using pattern paper scraps, pieces from the collection worn with old discarded clothing items donated by various women.
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