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Mixed Media

Lizzy Stuyfzand

What if needlework became an interactive interface to communicate?

Embroidery is not usually what we think about when we consider smart devices. Yet, many of the actions that we find ourselves doing, touching a screen or pressing a button, use similar manual dexterity and techniques that can be found in embroidery culture. Pattern
making, linking, threading, stitching [swiping], spinning [scrolling], trimming [tapping], and so on. Looking at the industrial norms and aesthetic of today’s smart devices, most products fail to expand beyond our audio or visual senses. We have become blind in relationship to our embodied understandings, smart systems often forget about the tangible matters that have the potential to
enrich our day to day lives. LUMI & SANA represent a pair of embodied tactile interfaces, proposing a new way of interaction with our smart systems to enhance our physical relationship through the conductive technology of needlework. 

The fabrics and the realisation of this project are sponsored by Vescom. 



Degree Details

School of Design

Mixed Media

Lizzy Stuyfzand works as a multi-disciplinary designer across textiles, technology, and interiors. Lizzy’s design process derives from a composition of layered research on culture, industrial design, technology and craftsmanship. Coming from an industrial embroidery background, she applies a distinctive design approach combining her skilled eye as an embroiderer for complex detailing with her ability to translate meticulous design ideas in the context of production. From a bespoke piece to industrial multi product, her competence to conceptualize and shift current norms on both an aesthetic and philosophical level results in innovative cross-disciplinary experiences through colour, material, and tactility. 


Needlemakers Award 2019

Forbes 30under30 2018

Lichting talent award 2017  

N E E D L E W O R K S video

Top left: image research book in collaboration with Anna Heck | Bottom left: detail SANA industrial embroidery conductive fiber and upholstery fabric by Vescom | Right: research study needlework as interface

LUMI: Hue lightning interaction

Left: Detail LUMI industrial embroidery, conductive fiber, Vescom upholstery fabric, wood finishing, LED Lightning | Right: render SANA panel build up, render in collaboration with Oliver Winter

Left: Needlework Interaction Language Proposal. Right: Context SANA


new embodied tactile interfaces to control your sound and light system

In Collaboration with:

Hard- and Software development
Cinematographer & Photographer
Video location
Research Collaborator
DesignDigital CraftEmbodimentEmbroideryInteractionInteractiveInterfaceResponseTactileTactilityTextilesThe Hand Vs Technology


Sponsorship MA Project


VSB fonds (NL)

Dutch Scholarship award

Heij Konijn fonds (NL)

Dutch Scholarship award

Koningin Sophia fonds (NL)

Dutch Scholarship award

Prins Bernhard Cultuur fonds (NL)

Dutch Scholarship award
22 July 2020
14:30 (GMT + 0)

Textiles: Meet the Maker

Presentation of students' work, followed by a public Q&A
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17 July 2020
14:30 (GMT + 0)

Textiles: In Conversation


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