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Experimental Communication

Magda Tritto

Magda Tritto is a research-led graphic designer, working around social and political issues.

Exhibition: (Eco)Logical Sense, Hockney Gallery, London, 2020; Typographic Singularity, Website exhibition, 2020; 1st price Czech Image Competition, Czech Centre London, London, 2020; Future Archive ,Battersea Rca campus, London, 2019; RDP Elective-Final Show, Ethelburga Clubroom, London,2019; Selection Aiap Women in Design Award, Italy, 2017;




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Experimental Communication

Did you say virus

Language mutates as our society evolves. Our communities shape our ways of communication and affect the value of words that we see and use daily. 

        The misuse of language, influenced by a lack of knowledge and experience creates an opposition rather than a connection. Untempered, this exploitation can lead to total disconnection between two or more individuals. My practice focuses on the value of language and its accessibility.

        Navigating around the nature of the words, my work underlines how we are related to words and how we affect them. By exploring the way words are used and abused daily we are able to separate and deconstruct the meaning of expressions, phrases and language.

What’s the relationship between social change and linguistic change?


Hope this email finds you healthy,

Hope you're safe and sane,

All the best — especially now,

Launch Project

All the best, is part of languageisavirus website

"All the best," illustrates how our changing attitude towards daily life rephrases our communications. The new, warm tone of emails are contextualized and given shape through invading now empty public spaces. Designed to be loud they are also uncomfortable when contrasted against their barren settings.


Paint on fabric
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Cover Sustainability Report

Transparency page

DECs page


(Eco)logical sense exhibition:overview

(Eco)logical sense exhibition:detail

In 2020, The Royal College of Art, still doesn’t publish an annual sustainability report. Yet there seems to be a large interest on the issue within the student body. Betty and I decided to take it upon ourselves and create the first-ever Sustainability report of the Royal College of Art. It presented the organization’s values, governance model and it's commitment to a sustainable global economy. Our investigation into RCA’s sustainability procedures brings awareness and transparency to the university’s state of unforthcoming affairs.

In February 2020, a letter was sent to the vice-chancellor Paul Thompson’s office inviting him to the exhibition (Eco)logical sense for the reports first ever exhibition. This invitation was declined. Subsequently, we printed the letter & the answer, framing and hang them up during the exhibition.

This is an attempt to celebrate all the smaller initiatives happening inside of the college but also to point out the flaws in the system and the lack of policies in place to promote these initiatives. However, first and foremost this is a major call for transparency around sustainability issues inside of the college.

The aim is in no way to blame but to try and be constructive by giving potential and imperative solutions. This report is a conversation starter. A website was launched to make this information accessible to everybody.


Sustainability, transparency, editorial, report, university, waste, environment, data, rca, policy, exhibition

In Collaboration with:

Collaborated with Betty to create the first-ever Sustainability Report for the RCA

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