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Loy Chan

Brutalist | Futurist | Honest | Technologist | Zeitgeist

// Winning the Timberland x RCA design project,

// Winning the second place for the Porsche Design x RCA: The last mile project,

// Finalist in the 100% Optical 2019 with the Modular system JOINT,

// Participated in the Microsoft x RCA: How Artificial Intelligence works in Recycling Sorting system?

// Participated in RCA Future Suit project with cross-discipline with textile knitting students,

// Participated in Bartenstein Academy workshop: Future-Oriented holistic design for functional clothing? 

// Worked as an intern with the Forpeople providing insights for GenZ in Hong Kong for Logitech.


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Degree Details

School of Design


Seamless Weaving | Seamless Technology | Modular Design System

Loy Chan is a menswear designer from the Royal College of Art (RCA), class of 

2020, presented are a few insights from projects including, seamless weaving

the initiative, Nike future initiative and highlights from collaborative projects

Loy had been joining various competitions and projects that earn tremendous 

experiences and values to his own practices.

The collaborative elements have enabled Loy to have a greater perspective

across design and thinking practices. As a design engineer, Loy encourages 

fashion designers to work within more holistic design practices and engage

with different elements to create a new language in the fashion system. He has 

created exciting research and developments into wearable technology, zero-waste

garment manufacturing processes, as well as how fashion designers are working 

around multi-planetary apparel design in the future. 

Loy is currently working in collaboration with Janie Chu from RCA Textile (Print) 

andMei Zhang from Queens Mary University of London Media and Art Technology 

(Ph.D.) on 3 different projects celebrating the idea of seamless technology in

future-wear and future design practices. Loy is looking for exciting collaborations 

that share a similar goal of improving the value and the role of future designers!

PRESENTATION VIDEO | Seamless Weaving | Interlink — // How a fashion designer works on loom making, weaving modification and machinery innovation design? // When seamless weaving and pattern cutting collide to each other, what will be the role of the fashion designer?

Seamless Weaving | Weaving Modification — // Can we weave a garment straight from the machine? // How can we present an unprecedented solution (i.e. ultimate zero-waste garment making system) in the very early stage?

Seamless Weaving | Structural Loom + Harness Mapping — // Can you apply your design thinking into the language of seamless weaving? // Are there any language in the existing practices that can add to the seamless weaving equation as an hybrid of doing new things?

Seamless Weaving | Brutalist Structural Loom — // Do you think the genre of the designer should be plural (dynamic) or singular ( Focused)? // What do you call a designer with a brutalist and futurist aesthetics, at meanwhile working on seamless weaving and seamless technology?

Seamless Weaving | Material Allocation — // How is the hybrid form of how seamless weaving being developed in 5 years and in 10 years? // Is there any potential apparel making technology that seamlessly integrates material allocations?

PRESENTATION VIDEO | Seamless Weaving Initiative — // How people are working to find the solutions that solve wastage produced in the fashion industry, from the material, design process, distribution, and commercial platform? // What is our future practice as designers to help sustainability in a holistic approach?

This project consists of the research and development of a seamless weaving process, which is then applied
to apparel. Seamless weaving takes place from the
perspective of an ultimate zero-waste garment
manufacturing process, from the yarn, directly weave
into the garment.

The design journey has been adventurous, leading me to research and reflect throughout my work, on technology innovations, the role, and value of a
fashion designer, and the actualization of unprecedented solutions. It is a journey that never ends: there are possibilities of the implementation of seamless weaving across a range of existing garment-making processes - for instance, sewing and knitting. Seamless weaving aims to coexist with existing apparel design techniques. Seamless weaving is developed to recreate movements of the body.
Research and design have collided into a hybrid in my
work: having visited textile mills and 3D weaving centers
has provided me with a deeper understanding of the
current industry, and I have been working to develop
the business model for seamless weaving, allocating
different materials to specific parts of the garment.
The project keeps developing.

The structural loom was a lateral design, where garments are triaxial structures with moving joints. It was developed in order to tackle the dynamic apparel making process.
3D weavingDesigner RoleDesigner Valuegarment contructionholistic designinnovative designMachinerymaterial allocationSeamless Weavingstructural loomsustainability

Future Initiative | Future Closet — // How is holistic design practice means to you as a designer and as a practitioner in the creative industry? // Do you think collaborative as an element should be more proactive between different industries and also in individual designer thinking perspectives?

PRESENTATION VIDEO | Harnessing Electricity on Fabric Interface — // What do you gain from working out or even go hiking, from a social and economical point of view? // Do you think the collaboration between designers and creative discipline is being too passive? What should we do about it?

I have integrated the research in terms of Seamless Technology
and Modular Design elements into this project, to demonstrate
how future menswear will lead the fashion industry to the
cultural adoption of wearable technology. A holistic design
practice from the apparel industry, alongside all the different
interfaces including digital technology and high-performance
textile development, becoming even more important and
A GIF that shows everything

A GIF that shows everything — // What types of presentation that you enjoy seeing? A quick review or a throughout understanding? // How presentation makes you resonate with the design story and the garment design context?

For More, Please Visit the Youtube channel: Seamless Workshop,
and visit the website:

Remember one important thing,
Buy Smart, Buy Less; Design Smart, Design Less

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