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Global Innovation Design (MA)

Marco Miotti

I am a creative with a strong passion for experience and product design. After getting my bachelor degree in industrial and graphic design in Milan, I completed an MA/MSc at the Royal college of Art and Imperial College of London. Driven by curiosity, during my time in GID, I started exploring the intangible world of experience design and how to include some of its principles in my creative process and methodology. Passionate about the concept of co-designing, I focused my last two years in understanding how to empower people in creating a more adventurous and dynamic social-environment while exploiting the potential of collective creativity.


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Global Innovation Design (MA)

Without playing there is no fun, and without fun there is no design.

To me, this is the essence of being creative. In our discipline, the most spontaneous creations are always the most successful. The trick is understanding how to transform our making into playing.

With a value expected to reach $8 trillion by 2030, the experience economy is predicted to be one of the fastest and most influential markets of this decade. Why? Nearly 80% of millennials and generation z declared they rather spend money on real-life experiences than physical goods, as the first provide more long-lasting hedonic benefits than material purchases. As a result, experiences are now being defined as a distinct form of economic output, where customers pay for the experience itself. However, despite the huge size of the market, the creation of experiences lies in the hands of just a few. Defined by a complex and high-priced process, creating an experience is still perceived as something obscure and unreachable by the public.

Tim Brown, CEO at IDEO, suggests that co-designing might be the next big step in which the discipline of design will evolve into. An environment where everyone is empowered to design and create something, and designers assume the role of facilitators. Is it possible to apply this idea to the experiences system? What if we, as designers, could enable people to add to this world by creating their very own experiences to share with others?
Blallow is a web platform devoted to creating a more diverse and spontaneous ecosystem of experiences. By proposing an alternative way of gathering the elements necessary to create an experiential event, Blallow aims to bring to life a new generation of experiences. At its core, makers driven by their passions and skills, an always growing set of never-seen-before venues, and an environment that felicitates collaborations and sharing of knowledge.

Ballow is more than an events website. Its mission is to unlock the power of human creativity enriching our daily life with incredible adventures. The platform empowers people giving them new possibilities of networking, new ways to share passions and ideas, and new opportunities to develop professional skills.


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