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Marie Isacsson

Marie Isacsson is a fashion designer currently graduating from her masters’ degree at The Royal College of Art, London. Marie’s practice is primarily about the relationship between the physical and digital space, as well as the interplay between fiction and reality. Her work is grounded in a sense of sophisticated playfulness, undertaken with precision and accuracy in regards to who wears it.

Marie was awarded The Pokémon Scholarship 2019 for her MA studies at The Royal College of Art. Her work has been shown at Paris, Stockholm and Copenhagen Fashion Week, and has been featured in publications such as Italian, British, and American Vogue, and LOVE Magazine. Marie studied her BA at The Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm, and her BA graduation collection funYArd_ was selected as one of the winning projects of Young Swedish Design 2019. She was a finalist for the Designers’ Nest Award in 2017 and 2018.


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My work explores online alter egos and how people represent themselves in the real world compared to in the virtual world, with a focus on gamers and their digital portraits. The project is about the embodied presence that players have with their avatars in MMORPG (Massive multi online role-playing games). Complex video games are becoming, in many ways, places that people ”inhabit” for a varying length of time, and the events that they experience within these games are often important to them.

My interest in this exploration is grounded in the freedom that comes with expressing one’s identity beyond physical boundaries, and in the understanding of the connection between a player and its avatar. With my work I ask the question: Is the clothing their avatars wear in those parallel worlds informing this connection, and if so how?

*This project is currently a work in progress. The work has been affected by COVID-19. 




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