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Mixed Media

Mengqian Ge

In the project 23 sunsets, Mengqian Ge has drawn on her own existential anxiety, which has become more tangible in the lockdown. These works are driven by a quest to find value in the ordinary actions of daily life, as well as the inevitable passage of time; repeated actions mark something like a Sisyphean struggle that poses an existential anxiety in her constant attempts to achieve a closure. 23 sunsets are separate pieces, each with its own date label. Every day at sunset during her lockdown in London, Mengqian has been practising repeated actions:She has fashioned through the Kumihimo(braid-making) process contemplative experience and the philosophy of being in the present. 



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School of Design

Mixed Media

Mengqian Ge is a textile artist. Much of her work is about transcendent spiritual healing and sustenance. Colour and natural materials are also important to Mengqian, who works with traditional craft processes, natural dyes and video to bring a particular culture of loss into renewed life.  

It is a never ending work


Traditional Chinese medicine

Colour Silk

Safflower Rubia cordifolia Logwood

Natural dye


Horse hair Silk


23 sunsets

ArtCraftExperienceHandcraftMaterialMixed MediaNatural dyeResponsetraditionWellbeing

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