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Michelle Rinow

What colours, materials, knit structures and technologies inspire playful interaction? Transforming Touch investigates transforming mundane technologies into colourful and tactile play experiences. The idea for the Transforming Touch series developed from research on the benefits of sensory play for adults. Questioning how to transform commonplace technologies such as lighting into a new and fun interaction, Transforming Touch redefines traditional cold and rigid tech materials. Transforming Touch instead reimagines lighting technology as something soft, fluid and responsive. When touched, the pieces expand and illuminate, exposing an exciting variety of colours or changing shape as it transforms. The pieces combine industrially knit fabric with inflatable structures, touch sensors and LED lights. Transforming Touch calls attention to how we touch and interact with the technologies within our homes and goes back to the power of textiles as tactile objects. This collection explores the idea of using knit to soften our living environments and the technology within our environments. 




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UPW Yarns

Michelle Rinow is a multidisciplinary designer focused on innovation. Placing research and innovation at the core of her practice, her designs are a cross-application of textiles and technology. She combines bold use of colour, material, and structure with strong technical skill. Her design methodology places emphasis on human interaction, connection, and engagement through colour and materials. Michelle also ensures fun and play have a place within her designs and her process.


Bradford Textile Society Clothworkers' Company Award U1 for textiles made with new technologies (UK 2020)

Bradford Textile Society Clothworkers' Company Award K1 for knitted textiles (UK 2020)

Bradford Textile Society Clothworkers' Company Award W1F for woven fashion textiles (UK 2020)

Virtual Art Prize (Italy 2020)

Video displaying the project transforming through inflation and illumination
Transforming Touch Wall Lights In Motion

Transforming Touch Wall Lights In Motion

Transforming Touch Components- yarn, wires, LEDs, air pump, arduino, and pressure sensors

Shima Seiki Garter Stitch and Intarsia Knit Samples

Stoll Garter Stitch and Drop Stitch Knit Samples

Left: Colour, Material, Tactility Research / Right: Shima Seiki Links Links Knit Sample

Transforming Touch Lighting Series

Transforming Touch Table Light


Knitted Electronic Textiles
CMFcolourInteractiveKnitMaterialityMovementMultidisciplinaryPlayresponseSensory / SensorialSoft TechTactility

UPW Yarns

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