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Muskaan Vaish

Muskaan Vaish's concerns have been influenced by a trip to Venice, where she experienced massive flooding and high tides. The earth is 71% water and this could be prime estate for future generations. There are many cities, which are sinking inch by inch every year because of global temperature and sea level rising. Her work links to future statistics projected for the year 2050, when there will be 'floating cities', in and out of water bodies. Her work is based on the story of Venqua who talks about her life in an underwater colony called submersible. She describes how people have adapted a new way of communication through a tactile colour change second skin, Skinsiev.




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Muskaan Vaish considers herself a Hybrid Designer and an intense explorer, a blatantly honest artist who loves to amalgamate different works of art. 

She is a fashion design graduate from University for the Creative arts, london. She was awarded as ‘The best pattern making and construction’ for her final major collection. Her collection has been featured in Architectural Digest India, 2017. After her graduation she got the opportunity to work under Kanika Goyal Label (India) as an assistant designer. 

Outside of textiles, Muskaan is keen on collaborating with people from divergent industries. During the Covid-19 pandemic, she adapted a new working process by collaborating with several 3D artists around the world, for her final major project- Skinsiev. Recently, her group ‘Artificial Eye’ was the winner of the competition ‘Glass in a connected world’ curated by NSG Pilkington Group.

Physical to Digital — A collaborative virtual visualisation of Iridescence Skinsiev by Mengze Zheng, A Chinese fashion student interested in 3D virtual fashion. Model- Victoria Pieterjan

Physical to Digital — A collaborative virtual visualisation of Bubble Skinsiev by Yifan Pu, A Chinese virtual fashion artist based in Berlin.

Physical to Digital — A collaborative virtual visualisation of Tactile Skinsiev by Marcela Baltarete, A fashion student from RCA. Model- Victoria Pieterjan

Tactile Skinsiev — Tactile colour change language, a universal understanding in submersible.

Neon Skinsiev language — Underwater communications through neon skinsiev, as it is visible in really deep water.

Types of Skinsiev for different underwater depths and environment. — Every skinsiev is associated with different meaning, smell, touch and feel.

A future fantasy visualisation — An aquanaut teen wearing 'Skinsiev' taking a tour in 'Submersible', sitting on a mantis shrimp.

Biomimicry of a Mantis shrimp — My main inspiration has been a mantis shrimp which undertakes a multimodal communication underwater. One of the main communication system is through colour change which is projected to be used by humans in 2050, in submersible.

Skinsiev — The colour changing tactile language of the Submersible, projected in the year 2050.

Future Vision 2050- Underwater colony 'Submersible' — An aquanaut teen wearing 'Skinsiev' in Submersible.

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