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Photography (MA)

Ollie Ma'

Ollie Ma’ is an artist based in London.

BA Photography, Nottingham Trent University.

MA Photography, The Royal College of Art.


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School of Arts & Humanities

Photography (MA)

Nature is compromised by technological progress. It is fragmented, deconstructed and recombined into units of value that are traded by artificial intelligences through global networks of capital. Control of the world is handed from humans to machines as markets decide which resources are accumulated with no regard for the ensuing destruction; ecosystems collapse, biodiversity is lost, mass extinctions are rife and runaway climate chaos has begun.

Replacing Nature is a body of work consisting of virtual sculptural propositions that contain fragments of Nature’s surface that were retrieved from a small area of British wilderness. The pieces abstract these units of Nature through multiple layers of representation; the compromised physical, the digital image, the photographic print, the virtual sculpture, the gallery space and the screen. The works exist in the artist’s virtual studio, which is located in an imaginary entropic-heat-death like environment that was constructed through the economy of a videogame engine. 

Studio Tour — The studio was built using a videogame engine, which makes it possible to move around and interact with the virtual space. However, due to the pandemic, a physical installation is currently not possible and the hardware required to run the engine individually limits its democracy. So, until it becomes possible to interact with the space in person, this video tour will document the July 2020 open studio. During the tour, a talk on ‘Freedom and Wildness in Virtual Space’ is presented by AI voice actor en-GB-Wavenet-B.

Proposition 001

Proposition 002

Proposition 003

Proposition 004

Proposition 005


Video, Virtual
artificial natureFutureNaturePhotographyRenderedSculptureVirtual
Replacing Nature: Freedom and Wildness in Virtual Space

Burberry Design Scholarship

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