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Rakhee Shenoy

Nature-to-Weave is a collection of tapestries and prints inspired by the complexity of colour, texture and form in landscapes. Exploring the abstract forms and colour through watercolour washes and digital drawings, helped translate the journey from image to tactile tapestry. An array of dyed yarns is spun together to mimic the medley of shadow and depth. The unexpected visibility of certain colours from the spun yarn play the role of informing the unruly depiction of texture. These handwoven tapestries are made using cotton yarn, which embodies ease and diversity as a material. This project was conceptualised and executed during the lockdown in India, along with traditional Indian weavers. 





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Rakhee Shenoy specialises in woven textiles for interior spaces, with a background in multidisciplinary textiles and experience in the industry. Her work focuses on ethical production, with weavers from India. She explores new possibilities on the loom, both handloom and jacquard to make her textile designs. She looks forward to collaborating with designers and strategically applying her skills in developing textiles. 


Abraaj Innovation Scholarship | Shortlist
Grand Challenge | Finalist

1. — Left: Document of colour schemes inspired by nature | Right: Prints inspired by the colour and texture of natural materials

2. — Digital collage of watercolour washes, reimagining the complexity of colour, texture and form in nature

3. — Prints on rendered cushion covers

4. — Process Video: Handwoven tapestry on a two shaft loom

5. — Left: The tapestry in a space | Right: Tactility of the fabric

Launch Project

6. — Translation of print to tapestry

7. — Left: Backrest of an Indian chair reimagined as a frame loom | Right: Colour palette

8. — Up-close: Tapestry weaves
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21 July 2020
14:30 (GMT + 0)

Textiles: COVID Series

Panel discussion between students on their experiences of studying during lockdown.
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