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Ricky Stoch

Ricky is a South African born designer, researcher and critical thinker. Before entering the design world, Ricky completed a BA in Media Studies and International Relations as well as a BA Honours in Transitional Justice, both at the University of Cape Town. Ricky is a fellow of the 2020 Clinton Global Initiative University and is the South African representative of the International Institute for Information Design. Her project, FebriSol, won the Varley Award, was short listed for the Dundeed Challenge, is a registered design in the UK and pending registration in South Africa and the United States.







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Graphic Design

Ricky's academic background in both humanities and design gives her a unique creative edge. It enables her to specialise in research-based projects that use the power of visuals to solve problems, change behaviour, democratise information and communicate big ideas. She has a special interest in health care, social justice and design that makes a difference. Ricky now splits her time between Johannesburg and London working as a freelance designer, researcher and consultant using design orientated solutions to solve 'real-world' problems. 

Video Explanation FebriSol
FebriSol Adherence Sticker

FebriSol Adherence Sticker

Poor adherence to antiretrovirals (ARVs) is one of the major factors preventing the eradication of HIV/AIDS—a disease which affects 37.9m people globally.

Adherence to ARVs is important because it allows patients to live long, healthy lives and prevents the transmission of the virus. Additionally, poor adherence enables the virus to mutate, leading to drug-resistant HIV (HIVDR) which is difficult to treat and the spread of which would be catastrophic.

Forgetfulness is one reason HIV+ patients do not adhere to their treatment. It is difficult to remember to take medication daily, especially when a condition requires lifelong treatment. Key to managing the disease is finding simple, cost-effective and innovative approaches to increasing treatment adherence.

FebriSol is a sticker that, when added to ARV packaging, nudges patients into remembering to take their daily medication. When patients take their pills, they scratch off the day’s metallic coating. This action reveals a tick indicating adherence and provides positive reinforcement.

In addition, patients can see at a glance whether they have taken their medication on any given day. Febrisol can also be used to increase adherence to other daily medications such as those used to treat tuberculosis, hypertension, diabetes, depression and many more chronic conditions.

UK Registered Design No: 6079657
Design Patent Pending: USA 29/718,763
Design Registration Pending: ZAA2019/01736, ZAF2019/01740


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FebriSol on Bottle

FebriSol on Bottles

Commercial Packaging for FebriSol

Commercial Packaging for FebriSol

FebriSol on Pill Box

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