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Rongdi Ma

How can we use a knitted structure to visualise the spaces around our body that we create through our movements? 

The concept of this project is to rethink the human body as a medium that sparks the creation of interactive and wearable textiles inspired by various body movements. By learning the principles of movement regulation and observing dance performances, the volume of the body can be further explored. The inspiration comes from various body movements, and the spaces created by these body movements are visualised through the movement of fabrics.

The project is related to body and fashion in context, which aims to be applied to a fashion collection inspired by various dance performances and costumes. The project aims to challenge the design possibilities of knitted textile and maximise the flexibility of knitting by ‘learning through making’ approaches. Additionally, the project explores how body movements could structure the knitting form, and how the knit structure could influence our body movements.


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Rongdi Ma is a knitwear designer with an academic background in fashion and textile design. She has gained significant experience in design and marketing in the fashion industry while working with multiple fashion brands. 

Her projects draw on a wide range of fields, including philosophy, religion, culture, and information experience. Her experimentation with colors and materials plays an important role in both her thought and design processes. Her current work explores the possibility of experimental knitting through creative projects and technical innovation.

Experiment with the hard and soft materials

Mood Sketch / Design Development

Material Experimentation

Body Experimentation No.1

Body Experimentation No.2

Concept Illustration

Explore the knitting structure

Explore the flexibility of knitted fabric

Body Experimentation No.3

Body Experimentation No.4

Detailed Texture

Illustration Photo Shoot

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