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Service Design (MA)

Rosa Blaus

I came to the RCA to study Service Design after working in Management and Strategy Consulting for a few years. I worked for big banks, multinational telecommunications companies and industry regulators all over the world, and I learnt how to communicate big ideas to busy people. I joined the RCA because I wanted to become an expert in making things for real people, solving problems creatively and achieving a positive impact on the services people rely on every day. At the RCA I have worked on a wide range of projects, from redesigning bank branches to mental health services for university students, which has allowed me to refine my service design skills and develop a human and planet-centred practice.

Previous Degrees

BSc(Hons) Mathematics with Italian, University of Manchester, 2013


BA2119: Flight of the Future, British Airways and Saatchi Gallery, 2019




Climate 101 on the Service Design Show Website

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Service Design (MA)

I don't think I have ever felt more uncertain about my future, or the future of the world, which is both exciting and terrifying. At the beginning of 2020 I was worried about the planet and wondered whether there was any hope of changing the trajectory we are on towards a worldwide Climate Crisis. I hope that the pandemic will prove that as a global community we have the ability to overcome huge challenges, and that it will give us the space to rebuild the world in a more planet friendly way. I believe strongly that to save the planet we need to make the most of humanity’s diversity by working together. To do that we need clever, robust and human-centred services to help develop and support the networks of people who can lead us into a cleaner, greener future. As we start to return to a semblance of normalcy, I hope to be able to find my place shaping how communities, societies and organisations will work.

Climate 101 — Climate 101 is planning to hold an online conference in summer 2021.

Climate 101 is working to get climate change embedded into the curriculum of every university course in the world.

Students of physics, geography and environmental science all have a pretty good idea about what climate change is doing to our planet. But unless every university graduate understands what is happening it will be too late to change the trajectory we are on.

Some of the most advanced thinking about sustainable futures can be found in schools of fashion, architecture and product design. It is hugely important that all graduates - including those studying humanities, languages, law, medicine and economics are offered modules which have sustainability at their core.

Nobody should graduate from university without understanding the basics of climate change. Nobody should be considered well educated without a good understanding of how the social, economic, ethical, technological, natural and political world we inhabit will be transformed by global heating.

Climate 101 helps universities to think creatively about introducing climate education onto their courses by applying design thinking methods to curriculum design.
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