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Moving Image

Ruiji Han

Ruiji Han

b.1992, China

Lives and work in London


MA CAP/Moving Image

Royal College of Art 2018-2020

BA(Hons)Fine Art

Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design 2014-2017

Foundation Diploma

Beijing Academy of Creative Arts 2011-2012






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School of Arts & Humanities

Moving Image

When darkness falls, it is either pale and weak. Either "silence" or even become an "accomplice." Will it change in the future? Change and offer hope. "we are connected with nature by blood ties, and we cannot live outside nature." I've been thinking about our relationship with food, food production, our environment, animals and animal production for profit, for food and for manufacturing. my concerns are manifold: our increased separation from food production, our environment, waste production, our treatment of animals and our relationship with the Earth. We are facing an unforeseen paradox in the human-nature relationship in the modern-day due to human's supremacy and intellect. Such human condition makes one wonder, how much an individual is aware of its morality and capacity to act accordingly?
To act accordingly towards all other life, to realise and remember that a man is not the centre of the universe but rather is a small part of the whole. Currently i'm working with Shamanism. My work engages with aspects of moving image as primary practice and extends to the realms of games and installation. my research and practice explore a relationship with the natural world, situated within the current Pandemic has created a deeper reflection. 
Others (Game Trailer)
O.S.T by Nanzhen Yang

Shaman Mountain


There is no 'first cause' from which all beings arose.

There is nothing permanent (anicca), nothing substantial, no unique individual self in the nature of becoming and existence (anatta) because everything is a result of "dependent origination". There are no independent objects and independent subjects; there is fundamental emptiness in all phenomena and experiences.

When this exists, that comes to be. With the arising of this, that arises. When this does not exist, that does not come to be. With the cessation of this, that ceases.

— Samyutta Nikaya 12.61

Human, you must obtain mana from shaman to be able to transform between human to non-human, things, anything, everything in this magical adventure.

Awake and execute and let go...

* Narrated by the inspiring philosophy of Animism, and featuring an auditory feast from Artist/Producer Nanzhen Yang. "OTHERS" will give you a new perspective on the world we were.



In Collaboration with:

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Tengri (Trailer)
In the centre of the modern era, one might find an urge to look differently, therefore, to think differently. Shamanism, as one of the primitive methodology and a sort of religious phenomenon, has been offering a different outlook to the world. Shaman since ancient time have observed and categorised the nature into two realms, visible (tangible) and invisible (intangible), believing in, that all subjects at universe have their creature, and reflected them into their rhythm of the daily life. The result of their manner is the connections and interrelations between human and nature. The expression of the subconscious mind is a way for them to observe differently.

To evaluate the current man-nature relationship, I looked at the idea of Anthropocentrism and how Shamanism offers insights into alternative thinking that can benefit humans in terms of animal liberation. It is an alternative belief system that can help humanity concerning the treatment of non-humans. To support the study of Shamanism in a modern-day, I interviewed/shot a few shamans in different regions.




Us, Yc (Trailer)
Be water.




Bone Bell Ball Boot

RCA WIP Show Install

Nuggets? Nuggets.






We are facing various difficulties. People always fall into complete despair and extreme fear at the beginning. What followed was silence. The number of deceased is rising rapidly every day. No matter how magnificent the rhetoric, passion, or sincerity. Neither despair nor fear can be reduced. Poetry itself is not cruel. It is the soul who writes those poems to experience the ordeal they have experienced. To suffering, to let the language be baptised.

the sun grew cold
and the blessing ceased upon lands Across the plains the grass turned and the fish dried up in the sea and thenceforth the earth
did not accept its dead."

-Forogh Farokhzad



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