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Moving Image Design

Sammy Selin

I am a raconteur of surreal adventures and interactive dreams. I create alternate realities to explore human contradictions and multidimensional existences. My work often plays with the boundaries of narrative structures and manifests as films, games, and installations.

Relevant Projects
Art Director, Race for the Arctic
Director, Silver Lines
Creative Director, Instincts 

Recent Exhibitions
2020 Work-In-Progress, Royal College of Art
2019 Anti-Prom, Cur: Instincts, Bussey Building
2019 A Traditional Evening of Please, Maxilla Social Club
2019 Exploded Stories, Garden House Gallery
2019 Moonscapes, Cur: Mále Uribe, Lumen Crypt Gallery


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Degree Details

School of Communication

Moving Image Design

Once Upon a Shadow Dimension is an abstract experimental film that takes the audience through a surreal narrative of parallel selves and inter-dimensional sabotage. The film is a culmination of ongoing research using shadow as a metaphor for our digital entity and explores narrative as a method of analysis for the connection between our physical bodies and our digital personas. 

Technological advancement has reshaped the physical body into a digital skeleton of information. Physical presence becomes only a small part of our experiences as our lives become increasingly digitized. The rise of the digital persona creates an identity diaspora that exists beyond the normal range of perception within our physical reality. Over time, the digital self begins to lead a life beyond the control and knowledge of the corporeal self.

Similarly, shadows are an intangible extension of our physical bodies. They are a distorted representation of our physical form that we cannot shake nor materialize. Much like our digital identity, shadows are an image of a secondary self that we have limited control over. Physical bodies may provide the substance for the shadow, but external forces dictate the manifestation and form. 

The use of narrative illustrates the relationship we have with our digital self. Power dynamics between the physical and the digital are highlighted through the lens of science-fiction. The tension becomes palpable in a speculative world where your alter-dimensional self steals your shadow. You are transported into a parallel universe without any autonomy or control. Your sense of reality gives way to the parallel self, rendering you stuck inside a dimension you cannot claim.

Narrative Introduction

Once Upon a Shadow Dimension (Trailer)

Film Still (00:19)

Film Still (00:28)

Film Still (00:46)

Film Still (01:32)

Film Still (00:49)

End Credits

End Credits

Please contact me for access to the full film.

In Collaboration with:

Writer & Director
Sound Design
Title Design
DigitalDreamsExperimentalNarrativeParallel DimensionScience FictionShadowShort FilmSpace and TimeStorytellingSurrealVideo
22 July 2020
17:00 (GMT + 0)

Quantum Cinema

Screening of Information Experience Design moving image works with Q&A.
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