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Samuel Jamieson

My time at RCA has been a point of transition and investigation, not just in my practice but also in my private life, where I’ve continued to negotiate my identity and position within a queer space and the community and friends whom I have met along the way. Engaging in collaborative discourse as we reconcile the world in which we exist with the world that we want to see.  


Instagram: @_samjamieson


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School of Design


My practice decodes masculinity as a means of exploring the tensions between desire, intimacy and community. Drawing on my experiences of nightlife and the bodies that inhabit it, I celebrate a subtle yet fluid sense of queer masculinity, harnessing the semiotics of different artefacts and recontextualizing them within clothing. I reference iconic garments, reworking them into contemporary forms which embody a contradiction of rhythms, between fluidity and collision, exploring the interaction between wearer and material.  

I am a Kaihara denim scholar and I challenge the way that this typically rigid material can reassert itself in the contemporary wardrobe, addressing themes of movement and expression as well as sustainable construction and washes (in collaboration with Jeanologia). My practice always returns back to the complexities of the community that I am connected to. 


Decoding masculinity as a means of exploring the tensions between desire, intimacy and community
CommunityCommunity And QueerDenimFashionGenderGestureIntimacyMaterialMaterialityMovementQueerSexuality

Kaihara Denim

Awarded the Kaihara Denim Scholarship with thanks to Irene Lohn at Kaihara, Mohsin Sajid at Denim History and Endrime and Katie Doherty at YKK



Assisted by Jeanologia in sampling and testing sustainable denim practices using their technology. Special thanks to Carme Santacruz Zaragozá for all her help during this process

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