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Painting (MA)

Shardul Shekhar

Shardul Shekhar (b. 1997) is an Indian artist based in New Delhi and London. He completed his Bachelor's Degree in Painting at College of Art , Delhi University , New Delhi. His works have been exhibited widely in India and London.

His artworks are continuously impelled to explore and reflect upon all the various possibilities of painting. Stretching and turning sides with relative subjugation towards the process , giving leverage to the inquisitions of life. His works are multi-disciplinary in order to manifest the reality.


• Snapshots - Hockney Gallery , London.

• RCA WIP SHOW , Sackler Building.


• Selected for The Abraaj Innovation Scholarship , Royal College of Art , London.

• RCA Secret Exhibition, Dyson Gallery, London.


• Selection in Kala Sakshi Scholarship.

• All India Exhibition of Arts , Amritsar.

• Gold Medal, National Late Shri O.P.Jadia Smriti, Gwalior.

• Prafulla Dhanukar, Delhi City Merit Certificate.


• PEACE | PIECE , Triveni Gallery (2018)

• Non - Conventional, Lalit Kala Akademi ,Two Man Show (2017)

Group Shows :

• The American Centre (2018)


• Manifestations of The Muse , INDIA HABITAT CENTRE , OPEN PALM COURT (2018)

• Tansen Kalavithika Padav, Gwalior (2018)

• The Indian Academy Of Fine Arts , Amritsar (2018)


• I - Space



Degree Details

School of Arts & Humanities

Painting (MA)

Limited access to limited resources

Source l

Source ll

‘Limited access to limited resources.’

The artwork itself is a statement that ironically obeys the norms with the existing denial. Sarcastically, it passively gives the choice to the viewer without any having one and making a part of this collaboration. Since the limitations of this visual exhibit in the virtual show enables interaction but has no specific environment. Such digitisation of artworks may be available for a larger group of public viewing but no room for the artwork itself. Thereby those boundaries are blurred but ironically it is very definitive at the same which entails within your comfort on your screens.

The scrolling effect has definitely bombarded us with more than the needed information. Also , we are facing numerous limitations on various levels that has led to make evident changes in our daily lifestyle ( patterns and behaviour ). All of this has brought the world into sudden chaos and provided an opportunity to adapt to the new normal. Some misfits that are still struggling to get along may need to revaluate before looking for the immediate solutions in order to keep in touch with the mundane humane emotional experience that comprises of the surrounding environment as well. The experience has been different and changing rapidly to what we have witnessed before. The impact of subjecting to a loaded information feels continuous spamming and torture after certain extent as the process itself is consuming , draining and diminishing our pleasurable value. The viewer has a juxtaposed situation where the artworks and the aesthetics of it’s environment is devalued in the process.
Since , the experience of witnessing an artwork physically is very different than looking at a probable image/video with specific information about the material / dimensions and it is mere illusionary to visualise the artwork via visual screens. This virtual show is a key to understand our interactions and it's extent of sensorial experience. Arguably, VR will lead it much farther in experiencing to what we can do now during this virtual show.





Please Post-the-card ! — Size : Postcard (Front & Back)

Mopping on my floor - Day Xl


Watercolor and Ink on Paper.



Crippled Nestling


Graphite and Pastels on Paper



Peeled flower for her skin.

I was scattered all over ,please pick up those pieces of me. — I was scattered all over ,please pick up those pieces of me. (Here me refers to a sense of belonging.) Mixed-Media (Assemblage)

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