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Shixiu Liu

How can knitting express the relationship between body and emotions?

Shixiu Liu's work explores how feelings of self-perception shift through changes in body movements or posture. The starting point has been the contrast between personal experiences of 'imposter syndrome' contrasted with feeling of great confidence. 'Tension' is the key word throughout this collection, having both physical and 'metaphorical meanings; the contorted body, stressful emotions, and what is required to keep the yarn under during the knitting process. Skin, as a medium and canvas, conveys the emotions. Both the colour palette and material are inspired by human skin. Shixiu use skin-like, and hair-like, yarns to express this concept through her knitted fabric.




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Shixiu Liu defines herself as a designer, using knitting as an expressive medium. She loves the legibility of fabric, creating delicate fabrics with emotions. She is good at doing research and developing conceptual ideas, as well as telling the story with yarns. She would like to set her work somewhere between function and concept.

Insecure texture_01 — Body language exposes who you are. This sample was inspired by contorted body and hair, showing insecure emotions.

Insecure texture_02 — This sample was inspired by the red skin and inlaid 5ply monofilament yarns in stretchy knitted fabric to show the disordered brain.

Insecure texture_03 — This sample is more related to skin texture compared with another two samples.

Shooting_01 — Taking away personal identity by hiding human face to share the sense of tension with audience.

Shooting_02 — This garment was working from home on the domestic machine by weaving leather strips in knitted textiles.

Shooting_03 — This work was working on Dubied machine with silk and elastic yarn, and inspired by the animal offensive behaviour - standing the fur.

Texture;Responses;Emotions — Body language affects how others see us, but it may also change how we see ourselves. I put the fabric on the body and did some movements to present how body and emotions influence each other.
This project is much more about personal experience and textured textiles were developed around the topic 'imposter syndrome'.
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