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Innovation Design Engineering (MA/MSc)

Shiyi Liang

Currently working with DesignFalls, find me in instagram or youtube.


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Innovation Design Engineering (MA/MSc)

chlorophyll sample

Film Manufacture

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different film solution

chlorophyll-film package

The project Chlorophyll-film aimed at exploring how new materials and new methods can disrupt support the farming activities community in small-holding salad farms in a sustainable way. The project developed a sustainable solution combining a pest-control material, farming planning, and corresponding service to achieve a new salad farming concept.

The project took a disruptive innovation route ideating and testing around the new bio material from a real application perspective. The key innovation part of the project Chlorophyll-film is the new biodegradable material originated from farm waste, trying to meet the profits of all parties from farmers to manufacturers directly and indirectly. The new materials provide an unconventional way to control pest in salad farming, and to reduce the investments on pesticides. The innovative way to combine the this new material with traditional reusable mulching film encourages farmers to farm in a more sustainable way. The farming planning of mulching film explores new possibilities for next generation farmers to reconsider scientific farming. A few technology demonstrators were developed in the project, which steered the project towards a commercially- driven brief.


Mulching film, salad waste


6 months

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