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Photography (MA)

Shiyun Ge

Shiyun Ge is a film maker, photographer and art director based in Shanghai.


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Photography (MA)

My research in the filed of art focuses on the expression of isolation and alienation in personal emotions. This isolation is not just a person adopt a sentimental pose or groan while not really in pain, it is influenced by the truly external political and economical environment. When Hegel elaborated on the alienation theory, he regarded human self-generation as a process from the perspective of labor. This is embodied in his master-slave dialectics and related legal philosophy. Additionally, Marx's alienation theory is based on his observation of the capitalist industrial production process: workers inevitably lose control of their work and thus lose control of life and self. The worker has never been an autonomous and self-fulfilling human being. They can only exist in the mode that the bourgeoisie wants. in my opinion, Hegel ’s and Marx ’s theories are respectively representing the creator ’s spiritual world and the film industry ’s capital attributes. The two also have a dialectical relationship between contradiction and unity. In contemporary society, human alienation seems to be an endless cycle, but this cycle is the inevitable development of the objective world, and it is difficult to be affected by subjective individuals. The material society has influenced the shaping of personal spirit, but the awakening of an individual's spirit is difficult to shake the basic framework of the physical world. As a creator, as a small individual, We are bound to produce negative and desperate feelings about the difficult status quo. The so-called criticality of works of art also exists as a powerless resistance. 

In the two years of study, I have been exploring the direction of Chinese film production. Due to the impact of the epidemic, I was unable to complete my filming on time. In the face of the finished set of the film, the situation from self-isolation inspire me to start a selfie series of works. In this work, I create a rabbit head humanoid, to show the circle of daily life in a closed-loop space. 

This is a series of stories about a woman who lives a circle life with rabbit hoods in a closed single space


Digital Photography
The story of life
This 72-second video tells a simple story of a woman who lives in a country where the average life expectancy is 72 years. The whole life is divided into 12 clips of the story which represent 12 months in a year. 4 directions are four seasons. Each potential number forms an invisible circular timer with the tic- tac clockwork throughout the video, symbolizing a short and ordinary life of human beings. The cycle of life forms a similar closed-loop one after another on a linear timeline. It's hard to say whether we plan our time or whether time rules us. But even during this precious short time, most people still choose to blend in and live a life of conformity.


Short Film


72 second

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