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Mixed Media

Sijia Zhang

Does textiles can interact with people in a kinetic way? 

What relationship should there be between humans and nature? This question has been asked for centuries. Many ancient philosophies recognized that humans and nature can not be separate. We are interdependent, humans and nature should be in a dynamic balance. But what is the balance?

The balance is not static and absolute, it is relative and dynamic. It keeps moving up and down in a certain range or certain degree. It’s like a satisfying motion which is hard to say but when you are in it you will feel it. In this project, I’m trying to challenge whether textiles can interact with people in a kinetic way?


Degree Details

School of Design

Mixed Media

Sijia Zhang(Sica) originally from Shanghai. Sica is a textile designer and experimenter working with interactive textiles. Observing and learning from natural systems, inspired by the response between nature and humans, Sica enjoys the process of experimenting with a combination of structure and traditional textile techniques in order to explore the boundary of textiles.  

Abstract ‘balance’ animation

Structure experimenting

Structure testing

'Balance' drawing

Material testing


acrylic,yarn,mixed media


1 min 53 sec

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