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Photography (MA)

Sining Chen

Sining is a photographer and filmmaker. She is interested in feminist movies and new dramas. Her research is about Chinese feminism, the development of the Chinese feminist movement, the male gaze, and the female gaze. She works in London and Beijing.


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School of Arts & Humanities

Photography (MA)

Summer Story

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This project focuses on the contradiction between the traditional Chinese woman and feminist under patriarchal society, also how they see themselves and view each other, how to understand each other although they have a different cultural background. Sining uses this work to show that the reason why the development of Chinese feminism is difficult is not only that patriarchal culture dominates society, but also that feminists have abandoned traditional Chinese women when promoting the feminist movement.




22 mins

56ac12d9a6f874e61e809dbc7ccc60f — Mist on the Mirror(Stills), 2019, Video

20200211 00 04 23 13 Still001 — Mist on the Mirror(Stills), 2019, Video

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Mist on the Mirror is a short film. The story is about the relationship between contemporary Chinese mother and daughter. The story is about the mother and daughter misunderstand each other for many years and when the daughter is facing breaking up a relationship with her boyfriend and mother find her husband is cheating on her, they finally realized each other’s difficulties and forgive each other. Sining uses this work to discuss how difficult when Chinese woman wants a divorce and when this happens how Chinese woman sees herself and will be seen by other people and society.




14 mins

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