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Sissel Kärneskog

When I say YOU, I am speaking about CAPITALISM, PATRIARCHY, HOMOPHOBIA, TRANSPHOBIA, MISOGYNY, and the current norms that rule today... YOU might be the one who is reading this now. When I say US, I use that word with a glimpse of hope, I am then speaking about a future that can be. This is an explanation and exploration of human behavior in search of answers of why YOU are the way YOU are. This is to show the parallel worlds and display the difference of truth and fiction.This will be mine and theirs, the ones i call We.



I am what I am

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This process involves the ones who are behind the scenes, on the mood-boards, the inspiration. Those who are the inspiration but do not conform to the standard and norm of ”beauty” or even what is considered ”normal”, we are the ”creatures” that inspire the mainstream. But we provoke in the street. These identities that get stolen are real, taken away and used for artificial and fictional purposes that influence for a moment. This is part of a process with a goal to turn a moment into a movement. We have always been here, and will always be. We are real. 

Superficial rules control and divide us, they create prejudiced behavior in societies and lead to harmful actions towards those who are not included in the making of these rules. Instead of seeing ”who” people are, they are designed to decide ”what” you are. This creates a society without equality and rewards capitalism and patriarchy. These ”rulers of the world” do not see the human as an organism with values, emotions or their own unique experiences; we are placed in boxes, as a fraction of a calculation.

The concept of the world we knew is flickering and evolving towards a ”new normal”. We have begun to explore and evolve what interaction means, what the meaning of existing in a physical space is in relation to showing a visual image of oneself, as pixels on a screen. Life is an act of consumption, and we are ruled by the idea of self-realization: this is a materialistic capitalist view of how the world should work, and our aesthetics are decontextualized from our gender-nonconforming bodies, and turned into mainstream culture to be consumed by the masses. We are fundamentally altered by the objectification around us. And we as humans are objectified in this space, in this time. Since the human body is the most obvious instrument for self-expression, and what we place upon it are the most intimate objects we own, can explore this as a concept and provoke the constructed contexts that we exist in today? Can we use this objectification to our advantage? I want to show that I have the courage to provoke, to show a side of reality in this world of fantasy and glorification. To fuck up the expectations of context.








This is a visual argument that explains that there’s a lot to learn, but so much more to unlearn. We exist at a time when we get fed with daily reminders that our body is public property, that our body is up for debate. That our body is actually not ours but ”theirs”.

During this time I have acted as a subject and an object but I am not only me, I am Them.
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