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Jaden Cho

Jaden Cho

Originally from South Korea, Jaden is a womenswear designer based in London and Seoul. He mainly focuses on new way of couture and embellishment. He aim to make the collection by adding function, high-quality and fabric development to clothes in the process of visualising and materialising them.



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School of Design


'Diverse Women'

Making garments by understanding modern women’s needs, ideas and voices is in my opinion a new way of creating couture. I think about what it means to ‘objectify’ women as a womenswear designer. There are a lot of preconceptions built into objects. People tend to overwhelm the object with their own ideas. I try to use improperly perceived objects to express paradoxes.

"I am interested in that part of material, which is not material because it seems to me that equivalent with every history of material, there is a history of immaterial." - Anish Kapoor

Look 00. Flag Dress 'Cherries'



Jewelry 01. Lily of the Valley — "The Lollipop is the Lollipop"

Look 01. Triangle Suit

Look 02. Triangle Dress


Look 04. Cherries Coat

Jewelry 02. Four Leaves Clover

Look 05. Cherries top — Collaboration with Yoojung Kim

Look 06. Tape-Lace Dress


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