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Service Design (MA)

Tarik Helmy

A strategic and service designer with 16 years of experience transforming organisations into human centric ones. I am passionate about three things; making people’s lives better, delivering positive impact for businesses and building highly functioning, human centric, teams and cultures. 

I am privileged and honoured to have worked through my career with two great organisations, IBM and Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC). I built software and services, both consumer and employee facing. I assumed several design leadership roles, with the latest being the Head of Service Design in PwC UK’s Experience Centre. I learned from the best and had the honour to mentor others. 

I love a good challenge, that is why I worked with clients across industries helping them answer strategic questions ranging from the future of fan engagement in football to how telecoms can transform health and social care in the UK. 

I am a father, a pretty good amateur guitar player and an avid ethno-tourist (when I travel, I rarely visit touristy attractions. I embed myself in the forgotten streets and markets of a city and experience how people live their day to day lives in different cultural contexts).




Degree Details

School of Design

Service Design (MA)

I started the masters programme with the RCA with two main objectives; The first is to have the creative freedom and inspiration to pursue topics I am passionate about without the constrains of being part of a big organisation. The second is to evolve and refine my method and process, away from the influences of these organisations.  

Fast forward to today, I am confident when I say that I overachieved against these objectives. I worked on topics such as unemployment and workforce enablement, future of happiness, how to reduce work related stress and finally enabling family caregivers with loved ones living with dementia. Each one of these topics is close and personal to me, and through this course I went through a self-reflection process that I was craving and pushed the boundaries of norm designing solutions that hopefully will make someone else’s life better, some day.   

Finally, I believe that these are exceptional times and the world is in dire need of a different type of design and designers. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted glaring gaps in our societal and economic models as well as our cultures. AI and Robots are getting smarter by the minute, causing a greater than ever economic divide between society classes and increasingly threatening jobs. Climate change is ravaging our planet and yet we still designing and selling cheap plastic products that we really don’t need or want. The solutions and practices that led to these global challenges are mainly designed with businesses and profit first in mind, and now we must shift to human first solutions and strategies. This is why I am a service designer, this is why I joined this course, and this is why I believe that one day I will help solving some of these issues in a humane way.     

The Diary - Capturing Observations About The Condition Development

The Tribe - Helping carers manage their care teams to deliver continuous and consistent care

Dementia, the biggest killer in the UK today

Carify is a peer led education and support service that equips carers with the information and tools to become the best carers they can. It provides dementia family carers with support across the care lifecycle; post diagnosis, early stage dementia care and mid to late dementia care. Carify has three main components; The Camp, The Diary and The Tribe.

The Camp is a two day course where you can learn more about your loved one's condition and key aspects of providing care to a person who is living with dementia. The Diary is an app that enables you to record the developments in your loved one's condition, how they feel, vital signs, medication administration and observations about their behaviour. This way you can see the changes over time, take timely corrective actions when needed and share more accurate information with the doctors and other professionals. Finally, The Tribe is a digital assistant that enables you to schedule, manage and delegate care related activities between different individuals and communicate with them more effectively.

For more information, please visit our website


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