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Photography (MA)

Thomas Moen

Thomas Moen (b.1994) is an artist based in London. He completed a BA in Photography at the University of Brighton in 2015 before moving to London and subsequently beginning an MA at the Royal College of Art in 2018. His practice sits at the border of the photographic and the sculptural and is an investigative process, intertwining these two disciplines. His method, which stems from anxiety, attempts to manifest that feeling through artistic production. He uses the casting of resin as an indexical tool, with contained fragments of imagery as well as gestures of repetition on and with matter. The resulting photo-sculptures are shaped by personal experience, history, and an intense engagement with materiality. 

Recent exhibitions include: Connection Lost at RCA Dyson Gallery in London; Cluster, Ugly Duck, London, 2020; Everything the Same//Everything a Little Different at The Art Academy, London, 2019; Hot Sheet at The Department Store, London, 2019.



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On Objects, Histories and Futures

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School of Arts & Humanities

Photography (MA)

Gently malicious whispering through clenched teeth in deep night. Picking and picking at a hangnail, dripping thoughts revolving. Heavy breathing in a heavy chest. Something is sat there, something oozes, something whispers. Incessant tapping, drumming fingers, stinging eyes, chattering teeth. Setting and transforming, hard and glass-like.

brings dark to my eyes — One-channel HD video with audio 2020

Untitled I (brings dark to my eyes) — Archival inkjet print 8"x10" 2020

Untitled II (brings dark to my eyes) — Archival inkjet print 8"x10" 2020

Untitled III (brings dark to my eyes) — Archival inkjet print 8"x10" 2020

anxietyMoving imagePhotographySculptureVideo

Through Clenched Teeth II — Bio-resin, photographic emulsion, c-stands, sandbags 2020

Through Clenched Teeth I — Bio-resin, paper, mirrors, plastic, pigment 2019

Through Clenched Teeth II (detail) — 2020

Through Clenched Teeth I (detail) — 2019

18 July 2020
10:00 (GMT + 0)

On Object, Histories and Futures

Discussion from alternate realities and historic narratives to the ontology of the photograph.
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