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Tianan Ding

I create with experimental thinking.

Born in China and grown up with hip-hop culture, I am exploring my identity as a Chinese girl in the fields of street fashion and music. 

My language is to make deconstruction and reconstruction with my insights about materials and cultures.

In my work, I celebrate the classes merge along with cultures and tastes when "streetwear becomes the new luxury", 

Meanwhile, I am concerned about the current streetwear's system. "Streetwear is not the luxury brands' marketing tool, not the rich kids' play either"

My pursuit is the democratic taste, the affordable coolness.




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School of Design


My work is about devaluing, revaluing, reversing the value.

A kitchen-paper-towel jacket, a leather t-shirt: these two items, with their very different, reversed materiality, are representative of my collection. 

Water is one of the materials I use, by dissolving, dripping, and fading away my garments as a metaphor of the deconstruction of structure, function and value. 

The kitchen-paper-towel jacket embodies my intention to dissolve value, to make nothing into something, or take nothing and make something of it. This isn’t exclusive fashion made from expensive fabrics. Classes merge along with cultures and tastes. 

Through the leather t-shirt, I try to reflect the current streetwear status as luxury, to represent this union of streetwear and luxury which is also a new division. My pursuit is affordable coolness, I would like to advocate the authentic wearer of streetwear, who can’t afford designer clothes.

My campaign, shot on Zoom during the lockdown, demonstrates how I perceive streetwear. Its rawness, its timeliness, and its being really honest with respect to what’s happening in the world right now.

ALA REVALUE — I was standing in the rain on the slowly dissolving raincoat.

ALA REVAlUE — Toilet paper made raincoat dissolves in the bath.





"The paper jackets look like leather-made!"

"The paper jackets look like leather-made!"



"There Is No Going Back to Normal"
---ALA SS2020 zoom meeting room---

Video shot in the lockdown situation via zoom.
We talk about timeliness, honesty, and the value of the current streetwear.
What's the streetwear that advocates for the young generation, can we afford it?

[Director-Tianan Ding,

Video editor-Lijuan Liu,

Music producer-Tianan Ding. Human voice sampled from: 'We will meet again' - The Queen's Coronavirus broadcast | BBC, There Is No Going Back to Normal | Simon Sinek,

Cast- William Zhou, Tom Fowles, Noah Wang]


Kitchen towel& Toilet paper. Lambskin&Cashmere

In Collaboration with:

Lijuan Liu and I share the experience in the form of printmaking, The prints on my garments are from the photos shot in our daily life. We also collaborate in the film making.
affordable coolCritical PracticeDeconstructionDissolveExperimentalFashionhumourMaterialityRevaluestreetwear-is-not-from-luxury-brands

China Scholaiship Council


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