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Tiantian Liu

A young artist based in China,shi is trying hard to study philosophy and mathematics.


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 As a Chinese born after the reform and opening up, what is the influence of the country on me? To be honest, people of my age have not experienced the turbulent decades since the founding of the People's Republic, and the only information I can directly
have is from my grandparents. The last generation‘s vivid stories piece together the new China. Although China was a very closed country at that time, it had to participate as a country in the world pattern that the United States and the Soviet Union competed for hegemony after World War II. AlthoughChina has a large area and a large population, in the game of international politics, it can only temporarily unite one party based on its own interests. And China has never been the one to set the rules of the game.

 After the reform and opening up, all aspects of Chinese society ushered in the transfer andremodeling of Western civilization. This process actually began a hundred years ago and continues to this day. During the two years studying in the UK, I have come to realize that in the world political order, the one who makes the order has the initiative. There is no doubt that the rules of the game are being set by the United States, the representative of Western civilization, and that will not change much in the coming decades unless there is a major war. The certainty of such rules actually helps people to grasp the development direction of individuals and countries. I think we can follow the rules, but we should also rethink the rules. Because people is the ultimate goal, should be the rule to serve people, and should not stubbornly believe that some rules, so that people serve for it.  

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Thank you for participating in the game, I can honestly say that the rules of the game, finding HOHO to win the coin, I made that up. When you enter the game,you have default it must have a definite answer. First of all, thank you for your trust, then please allow me to explain why I do this.
Who is HOHO? The first thing to do is to make an analysis based on the experience that we have, and let the experience enter into reason. But is it possible to find HOHO by a universal definition? In the story, I set up three HOHO form, These three forms change over time , Which HOHO can be really called HOHO. Of course, I won't give up trying to define HOHO, otherwise I don't know what to use referred to HOHO, The main purpose of this work is to reflect on how we disprove rules in life, Two indispensable elements of the game, the positive feedback and negative feedback, it makes us unconsciously move into the rules and focus on getting positive feedback or avoiding negative feedback. However, for rule makers, let other people to participate in the games is their real purpose, Because in this system, who can give a positive feedback, no matter how valuable, It's all within the reach of the rule makers, compared purposes would be worth the cost, by the way, the positive feedback and negative feedback, purpose and cost, these words without any value judgment, do not use value judgment to understand. As the creators of this game, I have the natural authority to make rules, but careful analysis of who is HOHO reveals that the problem itself seems unreliable. In the real practice, we have the opportunity to question the rules themselves, the economic rules, political rules. I don't think it's about building our knowledge on skepticism, because then nothing can be built. There is no denying the fact that the rules mean certainty, and certainty is the human pursuit of the eternal goal, but in empirical world, complexity constantly whips certainty into uncertainty. Certainty and uncertainty also carry no value judgments, and although human inertia may favour certainty, it has nothing to do with good or bad.






The idea of confrontation and transformation is highlighted in the work of "go", In this project, the chessboard that should be still keeps moving to dissolve the context of confrontation. Because my cultural background, socialism is the foundation my country. This point has always stimulated me to compare and reflect on the Chinese and Western cultural systems. The current mainstream capitalism praise liberal and democracy affect everyone on this planet. I deeply feel the collision and integration of two culture systems. In this work, what I am looking forward to is not confrontation but want to express a game without a winner.



A Marked Boat

A Marked Boat

In this project,it is about Chinese cultural ,especially Neo -confucianism started in 1000s years ago. Its development is facilitated by Buddhism. Neo-confucianism expand it topic and scholars spend more time on philosophy of mind. .
The concept of ‘ 相(xiang)’ can be explained as appearance or phenomenon, it originated from Buddhism, and according to Buddhist scriptures, there is no phenomenon, it only exist in people ‘s mind. Meanwhile, In the Confucian classics, there is a phrase " 格物致知 ", which is about observing phenomenon and obtaining relevant knowledge. this knowledge is not about natural knowledge, it’s about social ethics (moral knowledge).
But Husserl's phenomenology advocates suspend subject’s experience
to observe objective things.
In these three theories, all about observation, but with different methods. So I made this work, a marked boat. To explain the distance between Subjective fact and objective fact.


paper、 tube 、metal



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