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Tiffany Loy

Applying weave principles on colour, structure, and tension, to non-woven forms. 

Tiffany Loy employs a weaver’s approach to research, conception and construction of three-dimensional forms, that explore fundamental yet often overlooked relationships between elements of materiality such as colour, structure, and tension. 

To a weaver, every textile piece is a strategic combination of material, construct, and colour, assembled under optimum tension. This weaverly intuition is applicable and transferable to other fields of design and art.

Loy’s work actuates a process of discovery, inviting viewers to look closely at the behaviour of materials, renewing their curiosity and delight for the act of observing. 



Instagram: @tffnyly

Degree Details

School of Design


Tiffany Loy is a Singaporean textile weaver, trained in industrial design in Singapore, and textile weaving in Kyoto. She was awarded the DesignSingapore Scholarship to pursue her MA in textiles at the RCA.

Since the founding of her studio in 2014, Loy’s experimental works have been exhibited internationally, at venues such as Singapore Art Museum, Kyoto Municipal Art Museum, and La Triennale di Milano.

Loy’s multidisciplinary background has led to her unique and rigorous approach to investigating materiality through technical construction methods as well as colour and perception, which feed into both commercial and experimental projects. 

Solo Exhibitions:

2018 "Is This Fabric", Singapore

2017 "Expanding Rectangles", Singapore

2013 "Textile Embossing Instruments", Singapore

Group Exhibitions:

2019 "1% for Art, Designart Tokyo", Tokyo

2019 "Wallpaper* Handmade X", Milan and Singapore

2016 "SingaPlural", Singapore

2015 "The Alchemists", Milan and Singapore

2015 "Project X", Singapore

2015 “川島テキスタイルスク一ル修了展”, Kyoto

2014 "30 Life Stories", Singapore


2019 Design Anthology Award, Textiles category

2018 DesignSingapore Scholarship

2017 Sangetsu Wallpaper Design Awards, Honourable Mention

2016 Lexus Design Award, Shortlist

2010 Valedictorian, School of Design and Environment, NUS

2009 Bombay Sapphire Designer Glass Competition Singapore, Winner

2008 Dean’s List Award, National University of Singapore 

A closer look at colour and structure

Installation views and closeups

The colour process

The weaver’s approach to colour is similar to that a Pointillist’s, except in a 3D context. Just as the use of colour can suggest depth in a 2D painting, so can it suggest construct in a 3D object. In fact, it can manipulate our perception of construct. This series of experiments delve into the delicate relationship between colour and structure in the form of a pliable column.
ArtColourConstructCraftGalleryInstallationMaterialityMixed MediaPerceptionSculptureTextureWeave

Scarf dimensions: 185 x 70cm

Scarf dimensions: 120 x 120cm

A collaboration with a Chinese apparel company.

Pushing the limits of the collaborator’s top-of-the-line digital printing technology, two designs in three colourways were rendered with complex colour gradations and fine lines, which accentuate the softness and drape of the semi-sheer cashmere fabric.

In Collaboration with:

DesignSingapore Council

29 July 2020
14:30 (GMT + 0)

Textiles: Meet the Maker

Presentation of students' work, followed by a public Q&A
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