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Service Design (MA)

Xiaoqian Li

Xiaoqian is a strategist and a designer. Before coming to RCA, she graduated from the University of Oxford with a Bachelor degree of Physics and worked in management consulting and venture capital industries. Her interest is using human-centred design and digital technology to transform business.


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Service Design (MA)

In 2020, Xiaoqian devoted herself in to education industry and started the Lab Y,
focusing on quality-oriented education.


The Lab Y focuses on financial literacy and independence education for kids aged 5-12. We use scenario-based interactive picture book-set to guide kids solve the real- life challenges independently and improve kids' problem solving, financial quotient and safety awareness. There are in total 24 book-sets under 3 series naming Home Alone, Little Banker and Little Explorers. Each book-set contains interactive picture book, creative tools, mission cards and parents' guides. For parents, the Lab Y uses mini-app to help parents construct the kids' growth roadmap, check the progress of learning and communicate with peers.

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