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Mixed Media

Xuran Li


I love the fragility and also the splendor of peony in my hometown, which could represent both strength and fragility of residence in Loess Plateau. And also it represents the birth and rebirth and the whole life cycle, which displays a transformation and fresh look of Loess Plateau. 


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Degree Details

School of Design

Mixed Media

project mood board — the concept of Jin Evolutionism

embroidery test

embroidery sample — Translate my painting for Loess Plateau into embroidery

3D embroidery test

Embroidery sample on body


process: material research

Experimenting and making process

stitch and color test

body test

JIN Evolutionism is a fashion and body-related project. The inspiration comes from my hometown Shanxi province, which belongs to a unique area called Loess Plateau. JIN is the abbreviation for Shanxi province. The aim of my project is to show a huge transformation in my hometown and change people’s inherent impression of Shanxi province. Thinking about local ecological and environmental issues.
Loess Plateau was barren and arid in the last century, the soil erosion was extremely serious. Coal mining was the pillar industry, while it caused irreversible damage to the local environment and ecosystem. As a result, local residents and the government have to make changes for the sustainable development of Shanxi. They struggled with their fate, began to reclaimed wasteland, and opened up the terraced fields to keep water and soil, which can be used as agricultural land. At the same time, the government encouraged local people to plant a special peony that could press oil instead of coal mining.
I use painting and embroidery as my personal unique language to describe our local cultural identity and transformation of the environment and ecosystem. I hope to convey the sense of fragility and strength behind the changes in the environment of my hometown through the contrast of the different textures created by the embroidery thread.
16 July 2020
14:30 (GMT + 0)

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