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Yi Liu

It is all about the funny side of the digital age. I wish for my design to become the pickle of people’s daily life. 


2020-RCA-MA-Fashion Menswear 




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School of Design


 "Extreme Now"

is a point in time that we all experience now: eager to shape their unique identity, people enjoy fragmented entertainment, and shopping is no longer limited to exchanging physical products and money. The Extreme Now is not fictional, it is made up of real moments in our everyday life: selected, extracted, enhanced and rearranged.  


There is no more drilling wood, no newspaper, no film camera, no phone booth, no mp3. And there is not yet a ghost in the shell, a robot, UFO or telepathy.  


Instead, this is a world with mobiles, laptops, tablets, video games, screen after screen after screen. Wifi, 4G, 5G, online surfing, internet addiction, online dating and sexual relationships, self-diagnoses, idealised selves. Our digital selves are taking over our physical selves leading to the formation of a hyper-personal self.  


Everything in the Extreme Now world operates around the core ideology of IEEI: Interactive Entertaining Everyday Identity. In the Extreme Now world, I aim to offer people the best environment and stage to showcase and reinforce their identity, to form a new and much funnier lifestyle.  

Guide into Extreme Now
Welcome to the Extreme Now: a world exists but hidden between your everydayness: here are the tips and tricks to get into the ‘Extreme Now world’: please enjoy!





In Collaboration with:


Post Analog Condition: The Trading Card

The bits and pieces that connect the Extreme Now world. These trading cards are made in 6 categories that each contains a piece of imagery information to construct the Extreme Now ideology.


Printed on Card


59mm x 86mm x 80 variation
Launch Project

Wash Your Hands and Happy Birthday

2020 essential and must know -- hand sanitation procedures during the pandemic : Sing twice the happy birthday song as suggested : p.s. Instagram facial filter available if you scan the QR code on the right using your phone camera for re-direction.


Instagram Filter



Poop Bag Vest Top

Tamagotchi have returned to bewitch the new generation : Be ready to see your pet anytime, everywhere: A two-way vest top stored in a 3d printed poop bag container carries your virtual pet : All size : 4 Colours available.



Super Diamond Ring Bag

‘I want to tell someone something!’ To understand that, they might need to learn a new language: Love = <3

Online Slang culture inspired a digital printed Tyvek paper bag that folds into a diamond shape, the secret message stated above: Additional virtual experiences are available by scanning the diamond: All size: 4 variations available.



Password Reminder Scarf

Historically, many security experts ask people to memorise their passwords: “Never write down a password”: More recently, many security experts recommend that people use passwords that are too complicated to memorise: write them down on paper, and keep them in your wallet: This is a very powerful product that helps people to retrieve their password: Fold the scarf in a different way to see the hint, unlock the forgotten now! ALL sizes : 3 ways of wearing: 4 hints available.

Home Travel Pyjama set

Search-able = Been There

Travel during the pandemic? Stay at home, safe and surf: Home travel pyjama set will provide the most comfortable but immersive travel experience that one could ever imagine: Travel digitally but be part of your travel geography physically: All size: 4 locations available in the set of Zoom virtual background and Animal Crossing in-game clothing pattern.

Wet & Reveal Yakuza Shirt + Hair Salon

Traditionally, in Japan, people with the tattoo cannot get access to the public bathhouse(Sento) : This design aims to give a gentle twist of the traditional culture and make it playful : The wet and reveal shirt hides your tattoo under a coat of hydro-chromic ink : And when it gets wet the tattoo is revealed.

ps: Yakuza hairstyle Instagram filter available, scan the QR code on the right using your phone camera for re-direction.

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