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Ceramics & Glass (MA)

Yuan Chen


2010-2014 BA Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, China

2012.3-2012.7 Wonkwang University, South Korea (student exchange)

2018-2020 MA Royal College of Art, UK


2019 24:4 , London, UK

2019 Oh, Dear, Safe House, London, Uk

2019 The story of illumination, Ceramic Art Avenue Art Gallery, Jingdezhen, China

2019 RCA WIP Show, London, UK



Degree Details

School of Arts & Humanities

Ceramics & Glass (MA)

My work investigates the unpredictability of time.

I am interested in how memories are encapsulated within an object which has been impacted by time itself. I am also curious about how people perceive the experience of time as an individual. These impressions could refer to the current state of society or, more intimately, to my own personal experience.

The source of inspiration for my work stems from looking at weathered stone. I am curious how a long passage of time will impact on these rocks. I use sandblasting or washing techniques into raw and fired clay to emulate natural erosion. These processes create traces and apertures into the clay that suggest how time affects matter and what is left behind.





It took a long time to get to today. Our starting point is our birthplace. The inspiration for this installation work comes from my hometown. There are many lakes, islands and frequently a beautiful sky. I used the simplest columnar shape and a blue similar to my hometown's sky to evoke my personal memories. The growing number of holes also represent elapsed time.




CeramicCeramics&GlassClaycontemporary artcontemporary ceramicsCraftInstallationMemoryporcelaintimetrace


Trace2-top view

This is a 3D modelling and rendering work I completed during lockdown based on the previous work (Trace). In this collection, working in digital allows me to explore further possibilities of holes and changes in internal and external spaces.


3D modelling

12 days of London Lockdown

12 days of London Lockdown




This is a work about lockdown. Because I couldn't use the studios or do any firings, I washed the raw clay with water every day during lockdown to complete this work. This is my response to the current global pandemic (COVID-19).

Life is fragile, and today, when everything is likely to disappear, I hope to save something. The daily-repeated process is also part of the work. I am keeping memories in small squares, creating artefacts of this special time.


White stoneware, Black clay, Resin


23 July 2020
12:30 (GMT + 0)

From a Distance: The importance of a cultural experience and exchange of art education

Discussion on cultural awareness, individual practices and future plans.
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