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Footwear, Accessories, Millinery & Eyewear

Yueming Bao

/ Yueming Bao is a fashion & art direction props maker. She wants to apply her understanding of interaction into the accessories and visual merchandising. She is adjusting the frequency of "Post-accessories' - a new category which blurring the boundaries of accessories. The symbiotic relationship between accessories and the human body forms the visual space.



Instagram: @fm_bao

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Footwear, Accessories, Millinery & Eyewear

/Can accessories have a new definition? Beyond an object, become part of body or space?
/How to advance the experience of wearing an accessory?

'Infinite Lines' plays with space, motion, and geometry, intending to create an experience of optical pleasure for both wearer and viewer, and so fulfill the inherent character of each piece. The human body is explored as integral to an accessory’s worth, and the movement of the body becomes the trigger for each accessory to start a dialogue of movement with the wearer.

Set against the backdrop of our visual culture, where the perception of reality increasingly occurs in the virtual domain, I would like to achieve a vision in which embodied experience and the notion of affect are central. This work represents the attempt to materialize a wearable installation where accessories and bodies in motion flow together into a visual effigy.

Body / Space / Motion

Body / Space / Motion — /a visual delight

Optical performance — / Merge yourself into an illusional space.

Practice Timeline — / Storyline / Iterations / Digitalization

Body wandering in the fluctuating space — / Experience the delight of the body and mind.

Visual Movement

Visual Movement — / Body intervenes in space and captures irregular interactions

Body as visual substructure — /a body sculpture /a wearable installation /an optical experience /an interactive accessory series

"Sublime illusion Hat" filter — / Scan the QR code and try the "Sublime illusion Hat" filter

"Linear illusion" face tattoo filter — / Scan the QR code and try the "Linear illusion" face tattoo filter

Infinite Lines — / Immerse yourself in the trip to another space Special thanks to: Lingyu Hao - Ig: @deadpoolllll
'Infinite Lines' started by using tattoo stickers and an acrylic board printed with stripes to present the interaction of body and space, trying to visualize the effects of movement on accessories. I explored space and human dynamics through iteration, and experimented with both visual and physical interactions. The visual image changes when people use these accessories, bringing visual delight. Using designs to redefine the category in terms that can be appreciated by interaction and body movement, and then presents ways in which they can be applied in accessories.


Felt, cardboard, PVC, tattoo sticker, optical illusion


DelicateExperienceGeometryIllusionInstallationInteractivemillineryOpticalPerformanceSpace and TimeThe Body And The Objectwearable sculpture

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