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Service Design (MA)

Yuewen Yu (Stacey)


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Service Design (MA)

Hi everyone! I'm Yuewen!

After worked as a landscape designer for 7 years, I wanted to step out of my comfort zone to explore my potentials so I came to the RCA service design course. In these amazing two years, I knew better about myself. I’m a service designer with empathy, curiosity and I’m passionate about healthcare, education and solving societal problems. My previous work as a landscape designer was to understand physical environment but now I’m more interested to understand people as people create connections, stories, and collaborations which are the most attractive parts in Service.


For children with special needs (autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, intellectual development disorder and Down’s Syndrome…) in China, going to mainstream education is better for their development when they get to the age of 3-8. But because of the lack of special educators and awareness of special needs, the pathway of inclusive education in China is being explored and led by pioneer special educators and leading organisations like my project partner Beijing Ruizhi. So how can Service Design thinking help with the inclusive environment building?
EVERYONE is a toolkit to support special educators and help everyone in the inclusive environment to have a smooth transition when children with special needs come to kindergartens by offer integrate strategy and collaboration methods with a 3-stages plan.

This project is in collaboration with one of the leading organisations in China, Beijing Ruizhi Inclusive Education and Rehabilitation Centre and we are looking for the best way to develop it.

To know more about the project and speak to me follow the link below.

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